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    QPR B v Brentford B Wed 15 Sep 19:00

    Seems like it was in another lifetime
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    What do you like best about the new stadium?

    She sat near my wife and I in New Road.
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    What do you like best about the new stadium?

    The stadium itself is great BUT. as someone who got to pick their seats in one of the later tranches I chose badly. In the South stand near the East Stand. Bloody awful view of the West Stand end goal, As soon as we attack there is a domino effect of fans jumping obscuring our view. Nothing can...
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    Neal Maupay (Brighton & HA)

    The last minute goal v Villa leaving Mings on his arse is one of my happiest moments at GP under lights
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    Tom Anthony - Brentford FC - RIP

    Remember him well RIP
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    Hey Jude Pre-match

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    Josh Dasilva (Long Term Injury)

    Does anyone ITK have any idea whether Valencia is in the Clubs thoughts for the First Team? He just does not seem to figure but is allocated a squad number!
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    NEWS COVID-19 Ground Entry Requirements

    Surely if he has proof of identity this will not be an issue? The test is on health not the right to use an ST.
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    Team vs Brighton (H)

    I do not think they will 'come for a point'. I think they will be assertive and confident of getting all three. Stick with our system - strong defence, hard press and braek them down over the game
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    Split the away seating in two

    Bit harsh. Maybe she did
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    Final Score Palace 0 Bees 0

    Cheer up, it’s another point. Team is developing and learning.
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    Myles Peart-Harris

    My guess is that we offer the 121 professional development that Chelsea/Arsenal do not. We can accelerate the timeframes they talk about I am sure
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    Team vs Palace (A)

    Yes or even a five with Roeslev in instead of Sergi. He could come on later as an impact sub
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    The New Royal Oak

    I agree. The Royal Oak is very close to our hearts but it was not a constant swaying mass of singing. It certainly had its moments but Friday seemed different. The West Stand made a noise that similtaneosly made me proud and hugely emotional. Please keep it going, it will prove hugely...
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    Impressive on so many levels from a Leicester fan

    Imagine this boards reaction if we discovered that the half and half scarfs are manufactured by Josh McEachran!!?? All the evil in one place
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    Gary Neville

    It was just a silly joke. I think most of us have a good idea of the little leagues inside the EPL and where we will probably sit.
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    Gary Neville

    Uh oh I see a 'must win ' game emerging
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    SIGNED Álvaro Fernández (Huesca GK)

    At the moment I think I would trust the DOFs , they have proven they know what they are doing.
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    Team vs Arsenal

    So play a line up that did not figure in any warm up games? Now that is out of the box thinking or is it out of your mind
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