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    Getting screwed on my season ticket

    I am a season ticket holder who froze his season ticket this past year to support the club. I turned 65 in October 2020 and naturally assumed my rolled over season ticket for the 21/22 season would be at the senior price. I phoned the club today and was told that this was not the case, I will...
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    What can we do to help?

    Having read through so much negativity and doom and gloom analysis in the last week from our 'fans' it got me thinking about getting behind the team in some way. In bad runs pre Covid you would get to a game at GP where we the supporters played our part. I remember an Alan Judge sliding tackle...
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    Taking the knee

    This mane duplicating a thread so apologies in advance. I see neither Coventry nor QPR players took the knee last night. Personally I think this is a shame, it only takes a few seconds for it to take place but it’s message of solidarity is powerful. This feels especially true given the awful...
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    No alcohol etc sign

    I saw an offer to sell one of these signs for charity this morning. I do not now know where to find it. Have they gone please?
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    Things that have disappeared from football matches

    The signing of Ivan got me thinking about the way new players used to sign on the pitch before games. I do not think I ever saw it at GP but was a big thing at one time - remember Michael Knighton at Old Trafford, and he was just the scam owner! Other things no more - rosette sellers. They...
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    Players Return to Pre-Season Training

    This b may have been covered elsewhere but when do the players return for pre-season?
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    Photos at GP

    I thought we would receive an e mail about submitting a photo for a banner at GP today. Did I misread?
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    Rasmus Ankersen

    I could not use the old thread for this. This blog shows why we are such an innovative club
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    Whose result do you look for and why?

    In the spirit of keeping my mind off other ‘things’ I wondered whose result you always look for after the Bees and why? For me it’s always Man Utd (not amazing) but not because I like them but my late younger brother was mad about them. My late older brother and I took him to the Bees but for...
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    Champagne Moment to Date this Season

    Just thought this might exercise our brains. My immediate reaction was to say Ollie winner versus Millwall. Will think more about it. Anyone else?
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    Hey Jude Pre-match

    Hearing Hey Jude just before the QPR match sent a tingle down my spine and really sends a message to our team. One consideration - should we turn down the PA system and let the crowd take over? I have heard this elsewhere and it can sound brilliant. Jus a thought
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    Play off Dates

    If we end up in the play offs does anyone know what the semi final dates will be please? I have looked at the EFL site but I can only get the play off final dates. Many thanks
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    HR Partner

    Seeing that the club are recruiting someone to head up the HR function I was amazed at how many people the club employ and with the statement that the number of employees is due to grow in the coming years. A heart warming statement of intent in a time when so many clubs are struggling.
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    Fans versus 1st Team

    Looking at the thread on leaving GP and suggestions of some form of ceremonial game involving the fans reminded me of the opportunity to play the first team when MA was in charge. When I tell fans of other clubs that we wore the first team kit and played the actual first team on the GP pitch...
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