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  1. Streetboy

    Poland v England

    Love Sir Bobby and the whole story of his deserved redemption at Italia 90, but weren't the changes forced on him by Bryan Robson's injury? Not sure how much of it was tactical boldness, will have to revisit the excellent One Night in Turin book.
  2. Streetboy

    If you could add 1 bees player ....

    You're right, having googled it a bit. I did read that book many years ago, it must have slipped my mind.
  3. Streetboy

    If you could add 1 bees player ....

    Indeed, English football was barely out of the clutches of Charles Reep and Charles Hughes by then, and still had one of their keenest students in charge of the national side. Incidentally, I had no idea until doing a quick google just now that Reep has been employed by Brentford in the 1950s...
  4. Streetboy

    If you could add 1 bees player ....

    I think it affected teams more than we'd think (I was only 12 at the time so didn't appreciate it as a big cultural shift in football). Listened to a podcast with Tony Dorigo the other day in which he attributed Leeds' poor title defence in 1992-93, when they failed to win away all season and...
  5. Streetboy

    Jake Reeves (Stevenage B)

    I read that tweet earlier. If you read Leon's next one it looks like it was Luke Norris who injured him, although Jake Reeves was also playing.
  6. Streetboy

    Happy 150th birthday to the FA Cup

    Norwich away 1995. Having been too young for the 1989 cup run, that was my first experience of an FA Cup upset. Southampton away 2005 was a legendary day, as was the win at Luton in an earlier round. At home, Sunderland the following year and Derby circa 2003. Taking the lead against Chelsea...
  7. Streetboy

    Which signing announcement were you most excited about?

    Maybe not on a par with the others mentioned then, but he certainly frustrated and flattered to deceive, perhaps because we knew what he was capable of having seen him tear us apart for Notts County. Which reminds me of another signing I was very excited about, Alan Judge. Always looked...
  8. Streetboy

    Which signing announcement were you most excited about?

    A few from the Andy Scott era too. Excitement based purely on previous performances against us - Myles Weston, Cleveland Taylor, Lionel Ainsworth, John Akinde - all turned out to be huge flops. Carl Cort was quite an exciting arrival too, and Spillane was another I had high hopes for. Never mind!
  9. Streetboy

    Which signing announcement were you most excited about?

    I'd also agree on Hermann, Partridge and Evans - the first time I can remember us making real statement signings - and would throw in Boxall and Mahon from that season too. A few years on, Jason Price, was quality as a youngster at Swansea.
  10. Streetboy

    Which signing announcement were you most excited about?

    Yep, as an impressionable 14 year old I remember being really excited about Paul Davis signing. Only made the eventual disappointment even worse.
  11. Streetboy

    Pre-season friendlies - 2021/22

    Been to St Neots a few times for work in a previous life. Nice club and a decent enough ground, albeit a fairly modern one (nothing wrong with that, just a fan of old school non-league grounds). Handy for the train but a little bit out of town. Good pubs etc by the river in the town centre...
  12. Streetboy

    Northampton Town FC

    Not that I disagree about possible later shenanigans, but the changing rooms at Warren Farm were a disgrace long before 2004/05. That stuff growing out of walls and ceilings of the showers...
  13. Streetboy

    Chris Moore

    Led Hanwell Town to victory in the Middlesex Senior Cup final this week. Seems to be carving out a decent managerial career at what was my hometown club growing up (hence following their fortunes closely). From memory, he had Hanwell on course for promotion to the Southern Premier, which would...
  14. Streetboy

    Todd Kane of QPR - 7 Match Ban

    Ironically a player I remember watching at Griffin Park playing for the London Broncos
  15. Streetboy

    Biggest regret as a Brentford fan.....

    Darlington away title win in 2009. Had not long before moved to Stevenage, where the train passed through on the way back to London. All my mates were heading back to The Griffin. I thought about it for a while, but seeing as I'd had a fantastic day out already and my wife was heavily pregnant...
  16. Streetboy

    Bournemouth 0 - 1 Bees (Mbeumo, Pontus sent-off)

    So if the 1995 FA cup game I mentioned, when Ashby was sent off, isn't included, that makes five, and an even more remarkable stat
  17. Streetboy

    Bournemouth 0 - 1 Bees (Mbeumo, Pontus sent-off)

    I also recall an FA Cup win there when Ashby was sent off and Statham broke his leg, but can't remember the other two off the top of my head
  18. Streetboy

    Bees Up Fulham Down!

    Happy to be corrected, but my memory was the seats went in at the end of that season, at which point the noisiness and naughtiness migrated from the halfway line to what became Hate Corner. Anyway, all that matters is it sums up Fulham claiming some kind of 'terrace victory' in a near empty...
  19. Streetboy

    Reminds me of the early 90s, when a lot of clubs suddenly went batshit crazy for the laced up collar retro look, which them promptly disappeared just as quickly.
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