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    Top Goalscorers List

    Apologies if this has been done elsewhere or can be found elsewhere - have had a look with no joy. Has a list ever been compiled, per season (as far back as possible) of the top goalscorer and number of goals scored? Not all time highest goalscorers.
  2. Ghost

    Complete PA system sought for hire.

    Hello, I am looking to hire a complete PA system inc: 8 - 12 channel mixing desk 2 x PA (front of house speakers) that can handle a hall for about 250 bods 2 x wedge/stage monitors (powered if the mixer doesn't have a built in amp) Mics, cables, stands...etc For an event on 21 Jan 2012...
  3. Ghost

    2nd Hand Cymbals and Stands Wanted

    Hello, Any drummers out there with any cymbals and stands knocking around they don't need/want? Not looking to break the bank but could be a extra boost to your X-Mas funds :) Looking for a Crash (ideally 2) and a Ride plus stands. Not too bothered about make/quality but as long as they...
  4. Ghost

    Mourinho Liverpool Celebration

    Can anyone find a video of Jose Mourinho's celebration against Liverpool where he does his famous "fist pump" I think this is the still just before. You tube not yielding it but maybe I am not searching for the right thing. Wanted for a debate at work... thanks
  5. Ghost

    Alan Bennett loaned to Wycombe Wanderers

    1 month loan,,10421~1967349,00.html
  6. Ghost

    Stoke 2 - 2 Brentford (16 Dec 1990)

    Can anyone tell me who the scorers were in this game? I think Biggins scored for them, maybe even 2 Blissett and I think Godfrey for us. HELP!! :)
  7. Ghost

    Carlo Cudicni in Motorbike Smash,19528,11661_5691037,00.html Could be the end of his career. Poor sod
  8. Ghost

    Youth Team Match Reports Comments

    Thanks Zedmundo. Great to hear about Pelayo's goal but what is it with all these injuries!!! :mad: AGAIN! Do you have any news on if it was a serious one or just a knock ?
  9. Ghost

    Arsenal Injury Curse

    Nasri's leg hanging off now
  10. Ghost

    Sam Williams

    Sam Williams has signed for Yeovil on a 2 year deal,19528,12875_5446625,00.html :( would have liked to have seen him at GP in Red and White not Green and White
  11. Ghost

    New Away Kit for 2009/10 unveiled,,10421~1724683,00.html Lovely shirt - not sure about the shorts ! :eek: The Caucasian members of the squad won't be liking the shorts when their Marbella tans have worn off! :D
  12. Ghost

    Barnes gives Gills the Kiss of Death! They've had it now...Barnes rates them :D
  13. Ghost

    Montrose backs out of deal to sign for Wycombe Don't like that at all. Is he any good ?
  14. Ghost

    Norwich sign Nelson from Hartlepool Not very exciting but don't we have "History" with this bloke? # Seem to remember him being a wayne kerr at GP a few years ago
  15. Ghost

    Alan White joins Luton Maybe Newt's can arrange for Big Damian and a couple of mates to have a little chat with Mr White after training one day. What a ****er
  16. Ghost

    Adam Newton

    Signed for Luton on a 2 yr deal
  17. Ghost

    Old Bees Pic from 1930's

    Anyone ever seen this pic before? You probably have...but I don't recall seeing this in any books etc. Was actually looking on the interweb for the 30's - 40's style retro shirts. Can you still get them? Looked on the superstore and can't find them. Don't want second hand, anyone know if you...
  18. Ghost

    Danny Ciprani Punch Up with Josh Lewsey I guess he has his mind on Kelly Brook ;)
  19. Ghost

    Jonny Wilkinson

    Dislocated his knee :sad: Feel sorry for the guy, is he the most injury prone sportsman ever?! Surely he should call it a day Oct 2008: Dislocates knee May 2008: Shoulder operation. Misses England tour to NZ Sep 2007: Twists ankle. Misses first game of RWC Nov 2006: Suffers kidney...
  20. Ghost

    Daryl Clare

    This guy has scored a lot of goals in non-league but no league club has taken him on other than a brief loan at Northampton. Anyone know why? seems odd. His stats on Wikipedia are impressive - but he's already 29.
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