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  1. Chorlton Bee

    Zebra Season Ticket Financing Stopped. What Now?

    Seen a tweet from LUFC Trust acct that Zebra Finance are withdrawing from football season ticket market.
  2. Chorlton Bee

    Rotherham Away 1989

    A Man United fan I 'interact' with on Twitter has told me a tale of him and his mates getting grief off some Bees fans in the away end at Millmoor that day. Uniteds game somewhere had been called off and they decided to go to this, paid into the away end and were mistaken for Rotherham fans...
  3. Chorlton Bee

    Lewes Town Match Posters

    How cool are these?!
  4. Chorlton Bee

    Brentford Community Trust & A Rioter Very positive piece, well done Bees.
  5. Chorlton Bee

    AZ Alkmaar walk off against Ajax, match abandoned Can someone correct my typo before some hilarious comment is added by a pedant?
  6. Chorlton Bee

    Pim goes to Rochdale on Loan
  7. Chorlton Bee

    Brentford Fulham piece on When Saturday Interesting, and pretty accurate article from an 'outsider'.
  8. Chorlton Bee

    Can anything be done...

    re the Closed Forums? For three years I've had to look at 'Will this forum close from 5pm last post by Smiffy Bee' It annoys me. Get rid of it from my sight please.
  9. Chorlton Bee

    Well done Watford

    so pleased they stayed up, a great little family club who pulled through this season despite financial adversity, anyone who doesn't like them cause we used to be in the same division, have rows, compete etc is obviously not a true Brentford fan, or a fan of Elton Johns wonderful music. :fishing:;)
  10. Chorlton Bee


    Heading for a relegation showdown in the same way as Wednesday/Palace. Barnet 4 points ahead, have a game in hand away at Accrington on Tuesday, after that they play each other at Grimsby next week, Grimsby have won their last 3, leaving them a point behind on the last day. Barnet home to Dale...
  11. Chorlton Bee

    Fulham's away support (again) to Hamburg

    2,500 to Hamburg for the Uefa Semi according to 5 live just now. A staggering amount, well done Fulham almost as many as we took to Leeds for a run of the mill League 1 fixture. rofl
  12. Chorlton Bee

    Bury V Port Vale

    According to Radio Manchester, referee decided before the game that Port Vales kit was too similar to Bury's, Bury offered their away kit which is Red & White stripes but the Ref said no! :confused: So Port Vale had to go into Bury town centre and buy a new kit which had subsequently had no...
  13. Chorlton Bee

    Paul Ince

    Despite him being a hate figure for many, I've always been ambivalent about the self-styled 'Guvnor'. Recently though he's started to wind me up, and I'm convinced he talks absolute b******s. Reading the League Paper today about their gubbing at home to Saints, I noticed his comment "I...
  14. Chorlton Bee

    Brentford V Walsall 16/4/83

    Went into the Programme Shop at Walsall to get a match programme, and they'd put loads of old Walsall Bees progs up on display. Seeing the iconic Chris Kamara programme cover I splashed out a whole 25 English pence and stepped back in time to 'that' season. Bees of a certain age will know what I...
  15. Chorlton Bee

    Grass not always greener

    It's a rant that's been said before, but worth a read none the less. Be careful what you wish for. Scroll down to 'Fat Franks Family'
  16. Chorlton Bee


    Reading that Sheffield United thread got me thinking, what was the story with that time during a game at somewhere in the west country, every single motorway sign got the 'BFC' spray paint treatment. No names no pack drill obviously, although suspect the statute of limitations on criminal...
  17. Chorlton Bee

    Franchise @ Wembley

    :( :sad: I hate that Winkleman
  18. Chorlton Bee

    Pitch Inspection @ 12 Noon

    Not 11am as stated in the news section - 'Hard patches developed in centre circle' accroding to MTFC website.,,10325~1231320,00.html
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