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  1. hanworthbee

    Team vs Oldham

    This seems reasonable although I'd play someone else not pinnock as it's just not worth risking anyone who's a nailed on first teamers getting injured
  2. hanworthbee

    Final Score Wolves 0 - 2 Bees (Toney (p), Mbeumo)

    Watched the game this morning.we seem so strong at the back as the only chance we didn't snuff out was the header from Jimenez. Perfectly played when down to 10 men and in the end could easily have been more after missed chances by Bryan and vitaly near the end . I love how we seemed to wind...
  3. hanworthbee

    Mads Roerslev Rasmussen

    Bit of an athlete in boots
  4. hanworthbee

    Derby County - Financial Problems

    Shame they have started well
  5. hanworthbee

    Simon Moore

    Never rated him
  6. hanworthbee

    TICKET NEWS Oldham (H) LC3 (On General Sale)

    A club in civil war, bottom of league 2..this could be 8-0!
  7. hanworthbee

    TICKET NEWS Oldham (H) LC3 (On General Sale)

    You've got to be mental to trek to London for this game as an Oldham fan !
  8. hanworthbee

    NEWS COVID-19 Ground Entry Requirements

    Not sure we are going to take up the vaccine for our kids who are eligible as I've been told and read the risk to them once having covid seems less than possible effects of having the vaccine even if it's minimal
  9. hanworthbee

    NEWS COVID-19 Ground Entry Requirements

    I'd place a large bet on never being asked for this at any point this season
  10. hanworthbee

    New Stadium Capacity (now c.17,800)

    Yep day trippers ruined that game as constantly up and down up and down they didn't know where to sit arriving late ..I'm happy with the capacity and if we wanted a day tripper area stick them in the same bit !
  11. hanworthbee


    Expensive for kids imo
  12. hanworthbee

    Lewis Macleod

    Shame for Lewis but his career is over and sounds as if he knows it
  13. hanworthbee

    Score Centre 2021/2022

    Ankle seemed to be pointing in the Wrong direction
  14. hanworthbee

    New Stadium Capacity (now c.17,800)

    I believe that is an untruth...why would you spend £400 or so to go to 1 game
  15. hanworthbee

    New Stadium Capacity (now c.17,800)

    2 seats next to me have been unoccupied for the last 3 home games....
  16. hanworthbee

    Ivan Toney

    Playing 3 5 2 really limits us when the FB don't push on as Toney has little support and rarely looks like scoring
  17. hanworthbee

    Shandon Baptiste

    Not sure he was excellent as we need some end product or a chance created
  18. hanworthbee

    Final Score Bees 0 - 1 Brighton

    Bryan missed 3 decent chances.....then we didn't create anything 2nd half.... thought it was a banker 0-0....shame that Frank didn't seem to really want to win it as we kept 5 at the back for the whole game
  19. hanworthbee

    Neal Maupay (Brighton & HA)

    He will likely be hated on here come 5pm for today’s antics !
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