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  1. Doovster

    Stewarding in New Road (Bans given to 2 supporters)

    I witnessed the most disgraceful stewarding I've seen at GP today. Brentford_till_I_die whom many of you will know, along with his father were ejected, eventually by around 5 police officers. His crime? Telling a steward to do his 'fcking' job and evict 4 Birmingham fans giving it large in the...
  2. Doovster

    Tottenham to play Champions League games at Wembley

    I see on SSN that Spurs playing Champions League on our doorstep next season and an option to play 2017/18 PL games at Wembley too. Is this a negative for us in terms of attracting new support or a short term irrelevance that will have little impact?
  3. Doovster

    Your worst red mist moment at Griffin Park

    On another thread Bunny has apologised for a 'red mist' moment on Tuesday night where he lost it with a few people who left early and stood in his way. I was thinking we've all been there at some time or another and I've seen a few of the characters at GP down the years blow a gasket!!! I...
  4. Doovster

    Ipswich (H) Reports and Reactions

    Ipswich had a game plan that stopped us playing our normal game. They pressed us high and made the most of both forced and unforced errors we made with clinical finishing. We never got our usual high tempo going forward and creating openings were difficult to come by which is a credit to how...
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