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  1. Streetboy

    One-game Brentford managers

    Looks like Neil McFarlane will be in charge for perhaps a couple more games, so won't join this exclusive club, but how many one-game Bees managers have there been? I can only remember Garry Thompson. Think Barry Quin had three or four games. Of course, guys like that were 'official' caretaker...
  2. Streetboy

    Price of Football podcast

    Anyone a listener? Got into this a few months ago, and have to say, it's excellent. Hosted by Keiran Maguire, a football finance expert, and comedian Kevin Day. It's probably a good thing that Brentford rarely get a mention as it tends to focus on clubs in dire straits, so lots of Wigan...
  3. Streetboy

    Refunds going out?

    Anyone else now receiving refunds for matches not played? Two friends, ST holders, have had an email from the club and their accounts credited tonight, but found it strange there was no accompanying announcement along the lines of these matches will not be played, or will be played behind closed...
  4. Streetboy

    Peter Ilett RIP

    Known as PapaBee to those who knew and loved him, a true gentleman. Laid to rest yesterday, with unfortunately most of his Bees family having to watch via weblink. But feel priviliged to have done so to listen to some lovely tributes. A proper toast awaits once these horrible times are over. RIP.
  5. Streetboy

    Frank McLintock

    This rather lovely picture of Frank McLintock;s unveiling as manager just popped up on Twitter, and I couldn't find a thread for him, so just thought I'd stick it here for your collective enjoyment.
  6. Streetboy

    Alex Franklin RIP

    You may have seen a story in the national news today about a PCSO in Northamptonshire, Alex Franklin, who passed away in the early hours of yesterday, just hours after attending an incident with some youths in Kettering. What hasn't been mentioned in all the tributes is Alex, who was my wife's...
  7. Streetboy

    Barry Silkman

    Apparently set to be named Staines Town manager today. Very strange as he has never been a manager since retiring as far as I can tell, only an agent. But Staines have been a bit of a shambles this season and he will be their fourth manager already.
  8. Streetboy

    Sons of Bees

    There's probably not too many father and son Brentford connections (Wilkins', Dobsons, Dodgins off the top if my head), but how about sons of Bees who have played for other clubs? Must be quite a few, especially on the non league scene. I got thinking about it after recently writing a piece on...
  9. Streetboy

    Did Aldershot once wear an England kit against Brentford?

    Saw a post on a Twitter football nostalgia page of an England third kit, all sky blue, from between Euro 88 and Italia 90 I think, which England apparently never wore. But someone put in the comments that the only time it was played in was when Aldershot turned up at Brentford without their away...
  10. Streetboy

    Ashley Warren RIP

    Been weighing up whether to post this or not as Big Ash wasn't a poster on here and not sure how many outside my friends would have known him, but a few commented that they knew him on Facebook, so will go for it. Ashley Warren was laid to rest yesterday. He was only in his mid 40s. He loved the...
  11. Streetboy

    Bobby Fisher

    Former Bees full back Bobby Fisher, who was Frank McLintock's second signing in 1984, has made a film about his one-time Leyton Orient team-mate Laurie Cunningham, which airs on Wednesday...
  12. Streetboy

    Frankie Soo

    Interesting story here about one of our wartime guest players...
  13. Streetboy

    Champagne moment v Sheff Wed

    Meeting Danis Salman's cousin on the way home. Spurs fan who has now adopted Brentford as his second team.
  14. Streetboy

    Sound familiar?

    From a non-league forum on Facebook today... Sporting Khalsa 1 FC utd 3 Att 2252 good game of football well done to Khalsa to cope with all the FC supporters. shame the game was spoilt by the mindless wolverhampton wanderers thugs who were intent on fighting with all the FC fans including...
  15. Streetboy

    Cancelled match v Millwall 1985?

    While reading an article about the Millwall riots at Luton in March 1985, it was mentioned that Brentford cancelled their match against Millwall the following week due to safety concerns. Never heard this anywhere before, did that actually happen?
  16. Streetboy

    Serbia v Albania

    :eek: Crazy scenes!
  17. Streetboy

    Aaron Smith (Father of 'Gyspy Joe') RIP
  18. Streetboy

    Hanwell Town FC

    Amidst all the deserved congratulations on the Wealdstone thread for their winning the Ryman Premier title on Tuesday night, thought it was worth giving Hanwell Town credit for securing the Spartan South Midlands Premier title on the same night. A great achievement for my local club when I was...
  19. Streetboy

    Jimmy Hill won us the title in 1991-92!

    Interesting article here about how many title outcomes would have been different had Jimmy Hill not forced through three points for a win in 1981. Surprisingly few would have been any different under two points...
  20. Streetboy

    Robin Mallinson

    Found this little nugget on info while scouring the Southern League website, apparently he's an academy coach at GP. Burnham - The Club has appointed a new manager from within, replacing Martin Stone with his former coach Robin Mallinson. Mallinson joined the Blues' coaching team earlier this...
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