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  1. johndub

    Atmosphere in North Stand

    Lots of empty seats yesterday didn’t help create an atmosphere, but there seemed a distinct lack of enthusiasm for singing, chanting, etc around where I was. Two of us tried to join in with West Stand-led support just before and immediately after kickoff, but we were flogging a dead horse and...
  2. johndub

    Villa away - 28 August - travel

    Tried to book train tickets on Trainline today but nothing seems available yet. I thought you could generally book up to 12 weeks in advance. Has anyone else on here tried to book tickets yet?
  3. johndub

    Information on Refunds for Season Ticket Holders

    Email just received Following the government announcements this week, our Sky Bet Championship games will continue to be played behind closed doors for the foreseeable future. As a Season Ticket Holder, we want to welcome you into our new home just as soon as we can this season so we will...
  4. johndub

    Nottingham Forest away - 5 October 2019

    I’ve booked my train for this but am holding back from buying the match ticket so I can get a more central seat behind the goal. I think this is Block ‘X’ but when I last looked earlier today, they are currently selling only Block ‘W’. Does anyone know how many have been sold so far and when...
  5. johndub

    Fouls, free kicks and penalties.

    Yesterday, from where I was sitting in New Road, Maupay seemed to have a pretty good shout for a penalty when he was brought down in the second half. The ref would have none of it though (par the course). When I mentioned this to someone in the pub later, his response was ‘no, the defender got...
  6. johndub

    B team fixture v Bournemouth

    Not been to a B team game before but am tempted by tomorrow night’s game. Admission is free (Braemar Road only). Does anyone know what time’s kickoff?
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