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    How is everyone else feeling this week?

    I am not going to last until Saturday at this rate, I am in complete limbo. I can't concentrate on work, play a video game, watch the TV. I am a complete Fekkin wreck 😂 I am trying to distract myself but boring people at work wanting video calls about boring stuff is doing my head in. I need to...
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    Your experience of the new Stadium

    Rather than trawl through miserable match reports to read about the new stadium how about having a thread to discuss the good, the bad the ugly from your first visit. I don't think I was excited because after such a long absence it didn't feel real until I got there. I haven't missed the...
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    England Internationals

    Jude Bellingham called up......really???? Have England had a player who can drop a shoulder, run from his own half and turn a defence toward their own goal like Jack Grealish since Gazza, I know he isn’t a Gazza but do we have anyone else like this who can earn 10 free kicks in England danger...
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    Onwards and Upwards into Lionel Road

    Fukk it, what is done is done. This thread is about moving forwards, where we improve, where we go from here for next season. Any moaning and groaning about last night or last week, well you have hundreds of places to put that, if you want to be upbeat and thankful just for being here there...
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    The Brentford video

    Who did the video Tomas mentioned and can we see it and let’s do another one?
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    Birmingham retiring no 22 shirt in honour of Jude Bellingham

    My god, have they really become that much of a small club. Must be a wind up.
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    Leeds (H) Match Reports and Reactions

    Leeds set up to stop us playing out from the back with constant energy and pressing, it worked like a dream. We started off on the back foot but looked very capable on the counter but spurned 6-7 great counters with awful misplaced passing and bad decisions. They gifted us a goal, we struggled...
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    Fulham (H) Reports and Reaction

    A 1.0 thrashing, could/should have 5-6. As good a performance I can remember for years. Jesus, how were fulham above us with that defence and midfield, it was pathetic. Mitro is a quality forward, the wingers are very lively, everyone wouldn't get anywhere near our team. Defence was spotless...
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    Czech Republic (2) vs (1) England Oct 19

    I am all for the youngsters coming through but is this really the best 11 players in England. We are being absolutely footballed off the park tonight. Chasing shadows. Defence is a shambles.
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    David Pemsel appointed Premier League CEO

    Felt the need to start this thread as he still owes me £20. His quote from today, "As a football fan, I understand just how important the game is to supporters and our national identity, and I am honoured to take the helm of such an influential and prestigious organisation." He has never...
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    Parking near to GP

    Blimey, bit of a shock today. I have been parking in Lionel Rd North for 5 years, today the whole road has been changed to permit holders only, even the half a mile with no houses anywhere near it. Everywhere near the ground is the same. Going to be a real nuisance trying to get to home games...
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    Bristol City (A) Reports and Reactions

    Keeping it short as just got home and about to get tucked into some G&T round our friends house but it gives me great pleasure to say that was 2 points dropped today and it has been a long, long time since I could say that. We should have had a wheelbarrow load of goals and it was a pretty...
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    14 year old boy dies playing football

    A young goalkeeper from Aylesbury who plays in the same league as my son tragically passed away on Monday after a collision on Sunday. He played in the division below my son and we played against them last season. The details have not been released but the version being passed around is that he...
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    Bees V Sheff Utd report

    Well, what can you say about that. I saw the line up and saw Sawyers, Mcleod and JM across the midfield and thought here we go again, no pace, no runners and three fairly static players. We started well enough though, a bit plodding but we were moving it around and a nicely taken goal by the...
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    Bees V Middlesbrough Match report

    Just watched the highlights and I am even more pi55ed off than I was last night. It is always hard to blame a ref when you have so many of your own flaws but once again an industrial team with nothing but muscle have been allowed to use the dark arts to win a game by a totally spineless ref...
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    Bees v QPR (A) Reports and Reaction

    This is a very weak league this year, probably the weakest since we came up. We started so well but it has gone badly off the rails and it started before Smith left. Today we were pretty good up to the goal but went badly downhill for half an hour. Three comical goals all of our own making but...
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    Selling ST back to club for Bristol Game

    Can't work out how the heck to do this on the website. Flying out to the USA for a couple of weeks and want to put the Bristol tickets back on the market to see if I can resell.
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    Bees V Brum Match Reports and Reaction

    Christ, just how bad were Birmingham, it honestly could have been 10.0 tonight and that would have flattered them. They were utter gash at the back and how a team with Colin and Dean at the back can be that pi55ing awful I don't know. We were passing the ball in behind the full back so many...
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    Brentford V Norwich Match Reports and Reaction

    I don't feel as despondent as I should because we learnt a lot today and there are still lots of games left. I don't blame DS for the team selection because some of our players aren't tested yet and I put AJ in that category too, so he went for the tried and tested. Vibe not there so the next...
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    Bees v Bolton Reports and Reaction

    We are leagues above Bolton in football terms but until we kill a game off you are always worried the northern cloggers are going to get one chance. As it turned out the only save Bentley had to make was when it bounced off meps during a scramble and sat up nicely for elbow man on the six yard...
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