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  1. Holysmit

    Entry Issues at Forest Green Rovers Match

    Massive ques again tonight? How is two enterances for a stand that holds several thousand people sufficient? What are they going to do to rectify the situation? Who approved this? Are they going to accept accountabilty and resign?
  2. Holysmit

    Where were you when we won the euros?

  3. Holysmit

    Scored At GP and BCS

    If your a saddo like me you'll love stats and facts. So I wanted to keep a track of all the players who have scored a goal at Griffin Park and The Brentford Community Stadium (Competitive First Team Games Only). As far as I can see the following players have Ethan Pinnock (Brentford) Josh Da...
  4. Holysmit

    Transfer Going Rate

    Over the last two days I have been in a lengthy debate with Newcastle fans on twitter. It all stemmed from an article by Daniel Storey (who is very good on some things such as young talent and in fairness the lower leagues. But in my view deluded when it comes to big clubs and the transfer...
  5. Holysmit

    Ben Stokes

    Things not looking good for him right now.
  6. Holysmit

    A Day He'll Never Forget.

    Don't think this has been on here before but what a contrasting day Charlie Wyke had last week.
  7. Holysmit

    So Proud

    I'm sure there are a lot of disappointed people right now but sadly we came across a very good Middlesbrough side. All I can say is I thought we would finish easily in the top 10 this season but we went better then that and made the playoffs. I thoroughly enjoyed this season and without a...
  8. Holysmit

    Something that i haven't understood for a while....

    But today really pissed me off. I'm absolutely sick to death of the majority of ex Bees getting sh*t just because they are playing against us. Maybe I am too thick to understand banter, bants, banta claus, the banter bus or what ever sh*t the idiots use to say oh isn't this hilarious this will...
  9. Holysmit

    Random Match Postponements

    A thread for games called off for bizarre reasons, which has been inspired by this
  10. Holysmit

    They Even Themselves Out Over The Season

    A lot of talk about refs this season, so heres a thread to keep track on the decision's we had this year. Charlton (Home) - Ref misses a handball in the build up to our goal. +1 point +1 decision Bournemouth (Away) - Nothing of note. 0 Blackpool (Away) - Nothing of note Birmingham (Home)...
  11. Holysmit

    Is it Time Referees Were Held to Account

    That ref's were held accountable for their actions. I'm sorry but tonight was a ****ing joke, and if I ****ed up that badly, I would be told I had two weeks to save my job. I can kind of understand why the FA have to stick up for ref's on occasions as it's a very public job. However, when a ref...
  12. Holysmit

    What have we done to officials recently?

    Carlisle (Home and Away) score perfectly legitimate winners to be ruled out for a non existent foul/abysmal offside. Wolves (Home) Ref gave them everything and missed a clear foul on Saville, when they "won" the ball for them to break away and score their 2nd. Orient (Away)- Do I even need to...
  13. Holysmit

    Have we got over last season?

    The last few days really seems to have kick-started mass hysteria about security gates and why Tex has gone back to Liverpool. This is on top of the mass cheering of a player being substituted on Saturday (regardless of what he may or may not have done- it doesn't help). I know that...
  14. Holysmit

    Does Anyone Think Rosler can get us promoted?

    Because if he can't he should go now.
  15. Holysmit

    Cricket Umpires

    Is anyone on here a Cricket Umpire, and interested in doing some umpiring on Saturdays?
  16. Holysmit

    Realistically, what does everyone think of our chances next season?

    Personally I think we'll be around the playoffs or just outside, as I think we will hold onto most of the team but lose 3/4 (including loanees) of our more important players. As it stands I think with such a short turn around before the new season, that it makes sense to keep Rosler. I...
  17. Holysmit

    Coventry Away Match Reports

    To summarise. Coventry had two young debutants. We set up far too negatively and when we played the ball forward there was no one to play off Clayton till around the 70th minute when Rosler realised what everyone else could see that we needed two strikers. In the first half we had good...
  18. Holysmit

    Where are we going wrong.

    It's not nice but it has to be said that since the Oldham away game, our results and performances in the league have been in my eyes unacceptable. However, what is the problem to me there are a few things we need to improve on and I will list them here 1) Squad size- The truth is we have a...
  19. Holysmit

    No More Mr Nice Guy.

    Whilst last night was extereme in how badly we were treated by the ref. I can't help but notice in recent weeks we seem to get the majority of descion given against us and this largely appears to be because we are too honest. We don't tend to go down (hence Rowlands not getting booked last...
  20. Holysmit

    Alex Hales

    During the 2005 one day series between England and Australia at Lords, I watched Paul Collingwood and Michael Hussey playing pheonmonal cricket and couldn't understand why they were not in the test side for their respective nations. In Collingwood's case he had previously played 2 tests in Sri...
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