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  1. McBee

    Stevenage Tickets Required.

    I'm optimistically looking for 3 tickets for the Stevenage game for a few of our lads. Anywhere in the ground. Will obviously pay for them, Call me on 07545116575 or DM. Thanks.
  2. McBee

    Doncaster tickets? - Requests for assistance here.

    Want to say a massive thanks to 'Jules' who helped me get 2 tickets for a couple of my regulars who almost missed out through their disorganisation.
  3. McBee

    Doncaster tickets? - Requests for assistance here.

    One of the regulars who go with my lot has managed to find himself without a ticket too. Goes home and away, so would be a shame if he misses the big one. If anyone hears of a spare, let us know. We'll obviously pay and it'll be going to a loyal Bee.
  4. McBee

    Bees v Doncaster Predictions

    I feel strangely confident about this game. I just think this team is mentally strong and won't be phased by the occasion like Brentford have done so many times before. We were better than them at their place too and never should've thrown away our lead. I think we're going to win 2-0 and it's...
  5. McBee

    Mary Halder RIP

    I'll be sure to do that Andrew! You coming over for the game at all?
  6. McBee

    Hartlepool (A) NOW on SKY TV 5.20 KO

    Our tickets are non refundable for the way back (purely because we decided to print our own tickets and not have them posted?), so it's either miss the game or have another overnighter in the North East and book another fare at our expense. Or the coach at our expense. This will be a big game...
  7. McBee

    Fans Forum - 19th April 2012 @ 19:30

    I think this Friday night stuff has been blown out of proportion. I was there and there were a few flippant comments about how it works in Germany and is good, but isn't really in the culture of English football. The club aren't actively looking to move games to Fridays is my impression.
  8. McBee

    Lunch with Terry Evans this Saturday

    Great work Abee. Paulo has mugged himself right off there!!
  9. McBee

    Target 10,000 v Hartlepool

    Great timing to launch this on morning after a 6-0 home win too. 10,000 against Hartlepool would be one hell of an achievement. Like the fact the club are trying this sort of thing no matter what the results.
  10. McBee

    wave here if you think the dugouts should be moved back to the Breamer Road

    I preferred them in BR, but I don't subscribe to the view that the dugouts moving have an impact on the home record or the atmosphere. If people get involved and sing and shout, the atmosphere will be great, but they don't so it's not. Swearing at a manager or subs when they walked past the...
  11. McBee

    Marcel Eger

    He was really poor on Saturday, too many times he lost the man he was meant to be marking and it cost us a goal. Could have been more
  12. McBee

    Lionel Road Update : Barratts Pull Out

    Agree with Westwing. For me, saturday afternoons are as much about the catch up and banter with the boys in the Globe as the match itself. If we had no pubs nearby, i'm not sure i'd come every week as i do now if i'm honest. I'm sure i'd still go, but not every week. In that way the club...
  13. McBee

    Interesting article on Aston Villa's vital site

    Interesting article on Guardian website...........
  14. McBee

    Colchester Home Reports and Reaction

    Played great last night and drew. Played average on Saturday and won, so not too disappointed, when In context. Still felt like a defeat. The positives we can take from last night gives me real hope this will be a season to remember.
  15. McBee

    Wojciech Szczesny

    Szczesny had an absolute blinder versus Germany last. Pulled out some worldies
  16. McBee

    JPT 2nd Round Draw

    Why wouldn't we get anything?
  17. McBee

    JPT 2nd Round Draw

    Maybe i'm clouded by our relative success in the competition but at the risk of cursing the Charlton game, it's been good value and pretty entertaining the last few years imo.
  18. McBee

    JPT 2nd Round Draw

    £5.00 is great value. If it stayed Tuesday i definately would've done, but i can't do Wednesday nights so will have to miss it now. I think the rule of 6 weekend starters having to play has helped this competition become more appealing.... Unless you're a Sheff Wed fan of course.
  19. McBee

    Charlie MacDonald Leaves for MK Dons

    Think Charlie's best days for us are behind him, he wasn't as effective post Scott IMO. Wish him well though. Would love to know how much we got for him. Be interesting to see how he fills the shoes of Baldock if he goes. Hopefully he's not their Callum Willock!
  20. McBee

    Players wanted - Feltham Cowboys

    The team i play for, the Feltham Cowboys are after new players next year. We play in Chiswick and District league division 3. We train at Feltham school and our home games are there also. There are a fair few Bees fans playing for us. Anyone players of any standard who wanna come along to...
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