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  1. Carri Bee Un

    Apologies to whoever’s kid I just shouted ‘you beees’ at at Pentridge IGA supermarket just now

    Poor kid looked well baffled you don’t see many full kit bees kiddies round here though so I couldn’t help myself :bounce:
  2. Carri Bee Un

    iPhone redirecting gpg links to adverts

    I am mostly just dead excited to be posting in the gpg's greatest forum with a genuine issue. My phone is being odd and opens adverts when I click gpg links. Presuming some dodgy sh*t on my iPhone but I thought they were immune to this sh*t. Also after extensive testing on reddit and bbc it is...
  3. Carri Bee Un

    One of the threads

    is triggering my work internet filter to accuse me of looking at filth. Can't work out which one it is. Any ideas? I'm no doubt on yet another HR list. What with the other allegations they'll have a pretty robust case soon.
  4. Carri Bee Un

    Mobile version

    I am a big fan of the mobile version of the gpg as it is mostly how i follow the brentford however i would like to be able to 'like' posts on my mobile. But there is no button for to 'like' a post on the mobile. So if i want to like something i have to go to the proper verion and i can't read it...
  5. Carri Bee Un

    Mobile version request

    God just contacted me and asked me to forward on his request that the page number linky button things should be bigger as he has infinitely large fingers and only a little phone. Please make the page number buttons bigger thanking you on his behalf in advance.
  6. Carri Bee Un

    can we relocate the following forums

    General Bees Discussion, Team and Transfer Talk and The Big Match to another website? or something? They are too moody and are bringing down the lol count from the GPG.
  7. Carri Bee Un

    GPG voyeurs/lurkers

    :wave: How many do we have? Those that watch furtively from the dark corners of the internets but don't plunge on in to the hot sticky debate? Please can somebody order a statistical update, looking for at least once a week visiters with no posts :computer: How can we encourage more voices to...
  8. Carri Bee Un

    Greg Dyke's message,,10421~2503806,00.html I like him and think he's good value for Brentford. I appreciate there's a fair few that think differently lol but **** all y'all :thumbs: I like him and think he speaks much sense :wave:
  9. Carri Bee Un

    GPG going spanish

    At least I think it's Spanglish, it's FOREIGN and has no place here, this is a local message board for local people Lideres? Miembros? A link to some VB Bulletin support site in Italigreekanishistani?
  10. Carri Bee Un

    Code of Conduct

    Does the GPG still have one? I can't find it? I wanted to complete our annual risk and compliance review and I also like to use it as the basis for every decision I make in life. Haven't made a decision for a while. Not sure whether to buy my cat a bed as she keeps sleeping in the dogs bed...
  11. Carri Bee Un

    Bees v County Match Reports

    :wave: Forster out etc.
  12. Carri Bee Un

    The ten smiley limit

    It is too low :yes: Can this be remedied? I remember way back during the Miss GPG 2004 contest this bugged me. 7 years i've lived with this pain :cry: Please increase the number of smileys allowed to frolic in a single message. Thanks in advance for your prompt response.
  13. Carri Bee Un

    New Interim Manager announced of Site News Forum

    While i'm away vcmazz will be stepping into the manager role for site news and views. Please congratulate Mr Mazz on this promotion :yes:
  14. Carri Bee Un

    Match Reports and Ranting, Dagenham v Bees

    :sorted: :wave: get it off your chest here please :wave:
  15. Carri Bee Un

    Frodo's demise

    Couldn't we have played with him a bit first? :(
  16. Carri Bee Un

    Bees v Charlton JPT Match reports

    :bound: :wave:
  17. Carri Bee Un

    England v Germany

    Who can fail to get excited about this one :bound: I am moist. Can we limit the intelligent football commentary on here please and just ramp up the jingoism and references to world wars, churchill, dunkirk etc :yes: :flagwave:
  18. Carri Bee Un

    Colchester Match Reports

    Here please :bound:
  19. Carri Bee Un

    CBU's GPG FAQs

    What's all this 'Hello Ken' stuff, I don't get it, what is it? WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Ken is BFC's community liaison officer or something similar. I believe he has a very solid reputation with many Brentford fans and has assisted positively with the odd incident and shenanigans and scrape. The...
  20. Carri Bee Un

    Norwich JPT Match reports

    keep it coming here please denizens of Norwich and the surrounding areas and those with interweb phones.
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