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    Crazy Bookings etc. (split from Toney thread)

    Having stood in front of local level FA panels and had similar ludicrous decisions or inconsistent outcomes. I once had a players sent off for a second yellow when he was no where near the incident. Suspension stood as we couldn’t challenge the booking. I even had the opposition willing to...
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    Secret Analyst - is he from the Bees? Came across this the guy employed by BFC? Talks about the club being on the 3rd coach in 18 months and also talks about a dismissive former coach towards analytics (MW maybe)...
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    Boxing Day vs Swindon

    Sorry to start a brand new thread but couldn't find anything or a thread to put it on... I am bringing my new son (1 month old) to GP on Boxing Day. Does he fall into the Junior Ticket price or will he be admitted for free as he will not take a seat up? Thanks in advance
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    Pubs in Weymouth showing the Bees

    Any GPGers from this area know any pubs that may show the game. I am away for the weekend and most pubs I have phoned are showing the premiershite games. Thanks in advance...
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    Alleged Racism in kids footy‘racial-abuse’-pitch Hmmm I know my thoughts on this but as my team and my name is shown on another thread I better swerve giving this an opinion... What I will say is surely this should be left for Middx FA to deal with before going to the...
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    3rd Runway Thread?

    Can anyone enlighten me as to why the 3rd runway thread has been closed? :sorted:
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    Brentford FC's New Scouting Policies

    Hi guys a little bit p*ssed off this evening. I had a phone call from one of my players Dad from my Under 9's this evening. Apparently on Sunday just passed he was approached at half time during our game by a Brentford scout who has invited him to attend training pending a trial with Brentford...
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    Marlon King Honestly your honour it wasn't me it was someone else :rolleyes:
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    Poole's goal from Wycombe

    Anybody know wether I can download Glenn Poole's goal against wycombe on the computer and save it?
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    Brentford transfer window rumours

    Anybody no who we are going to sign and when? If you do leave a comment.....
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    Lee Hughes?

    What does everyone think about a possible move for Lee Hughes? He's released from prison this summer. (Should have really been there longer) May be worth a gamble, can't see alot of bigger clubs taking a chance.
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