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    Shandon Baptiste

    Sorry, just seen this
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    Shandon Baptiste

    Anyone know why he wasn't in the squad on Friday?
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    New Kits for 2021/22

    From the Bees website, an indication of what (a) the full away kit will look like; and (b) the sponsor on the kids' kits will be.
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    Play-Off Final Tickets - SOLD OUT

    No, was just F5-ing the hell out of it. Had email now though.
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    Play-Off Final Tickets - SOLD OUT

    I just got a ticket in the post-5pm batch. No idea what the TAP level has gone to, but I am 1700.
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    Play-Off Final Tickets - SOLD OUT

    Apologies if this has been asked/answered before, but were any TAPS awarded for purchasing our 2020/21 season tickets (albeit they were obviously subsequently frozen)? Thanks
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    Play-Off Ticket Arrangements Announced

    Worth mentioning you didn't need an email to enter the ballot. The link to the ballot entry was on the club website during the relevant period. See: Play-Off tickets now on sale for Season Ticket Holders and Premium Seat Holders with 3,000 Ticket Access Points
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    Derby County v Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday

    Apparently the issue is how they accounted for the amortisation of player contracts (the only issue the EFL appealed). If they can, I expect Derby will appeal that decision. Suspect the punishment will be a fine for Derby. Points deduction seems very unlikely to me.
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    Play-off Tickets

    Re ticket numbers for the home semi final, I note London Irish are playing Exeter at Lionel Road on 18 May, and will have 4k supporters. Suggests we will have that (at least) for the home semi either on 17 or 22 May.
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    2021/22 Kit

    Any news yet on our new season kits? I know Big Bob will have decided on them some time ago... Wondered if there is any inside info out there about what we can expect. I'm hoping for a riff on the Hummel '92 away kit.
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    Famous Bees Supporters Ben Howard - Liverpool supporter but Bees are his "second team".
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    The Club Shop

    I suppose this might be a matchday-only kiosk (as the signage would suggest), with something more permanent somewhere else in the vicinity....
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    The Club Shop

    This may have been posted already; if so apologies. Went for a walk to see the ground (again) with my son, and it looks as though the merchandise solution at the new stadium has been found. Photo is taken from behind the West Stand, on Lionel Road.
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    Highest League Position Since...

    So great that we are on more points after 4 fewer games this season.
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    2020/21 Kit - Now Announced

    Umbro Black Friday sale gets you 20% off everything (i.e. all bees kit, including the new third shirt) if you use the code UMBRO20. That means the shirts come down from £48 to £38.60. (y)
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    2020/21 Kit - Now Announced

    Third shirts seem to be available again on the Umbro site: Umbro Not on the club's online shop yet though, so won't be able to use up any loyalty points if you've got them.
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    Gone Elsewhere John Bostock (Unattached midfielder)

    Correct. Match report below.
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    2020/21 Kit - Now Announced

    White shorts and white socks. The mannequin in the club shop window is a full kit w*nker, so you can get a preview there.
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    2020/21 Kit - Now Announced

    Went to the club shop this morning. Sold out in most sizes online and in the store - anything they had left in the store they apparently put on the website last night. They said it was a difficult balance between anticipating how many might be sold and not being left with tonnes of stock at...
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