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    Maybe a poor description. This vs this. Ones flat, like filo and ones a ball
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    Are the samosas in dugout the thin crispy triangular ones you generally get most in UK? Or the more ball shape ones with shortcrust pastry? I like the latter which you find less. Can you folks from an Asian background tell me the difference - is it regional or are they considered almost...
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    I don’t get the shock on the thread. Everything in a football ground is expensive (esp a Prem one). You’re inside for two hours, don’t buy anything if you think it’s overpriced. The real catering issue is not trusting us with bottle caps again. I snuck in the wrong size a few weeks ago 😂 pointless
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    Ambala on Drummond Street (Euston) best I’ve had. Plus only about 90p and massive. Tamarind sauce a delight for extra 30p. Love a proper samosa. Yet to try food at LR, prob when it gets cold I’ll fancy something, not a box of pizza though (weird) far too awkward/distracting with a game going on...
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    Premium Seats Observations/Feedback

    Useful feedback. Hope the experience improves for those who took the plunge… Neutral/away fans is always going to happen in the posh seats, as long as they behave and respect home fans it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.
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    TICKET NEWS Oldham (H) LC3 (On General Sale)

    Might follow your lead. Frustrating. I want to give you more money Brentford!
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    Emma Raducanu

    Only switched on after match point as was out. Absolutely incredible achievement, well done to her. Even more mind boggling when you consider her multiple recent mid match dropouts! Seems a nice lass. But the yanks announcing the prize money at the trophy presentation, lacked so much class - why...
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    TICKET NEWS Oldham (H) LC3 (On General Sale)

    Only for the £35 ones, but thanks.
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    TICKET NEWS Oldham (H) LC3 (On General Sale)

    Trying to do top tier premium seating/dining package for Oldham for myself and a fellow member (newbie); get a feel for it while price isnt too high to help make decisions in future. Sent an email on Wednesday (no response) and called today, went to voicemail… not great. Don’t want to go up...
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    TICKET NEWS Liverpool (H): SOLD OUT - Ticket Exchange Open

    One of my all time top chants. I hope not to offend any dustbins. Fave line about their lack of employment opportunities being because they’re “so f***** fick” the irony of me struggling with ‘th’ always brings a smile :)
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    TICKET NEWS Liverpool (H): SOLD OUT - Ticket Exchange Open

    Back of the north stand. Near the scallys, expecting a thread on the nasty songs we direct at them :sorted:
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Best player of my generation. Buzzing he's in the Prem with us. Will boo him whole heartedly, calling him every name under the sun and hope Ethan boots him in the air... but secretly ill be swooning and counting my lucky stars I got to see him in the flesh competitively :love:
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    Halil Dervişoğlu (On Loan to Galatasaray)

    Really like him. Every time I’ve seen him since he’s been back form loan his touch looks quality and looks like he has that spark of intelligence. Genuinely think he could be an asset for us, one of those players who plays better when surrounded by better players (settled first team) not just...
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    What do you like best about the new stadium?

    Think this is spot on. I was still having to stand up for folk in west stand more then I used to in GP, but new fans/facilities will be contributing. However it was nowhere near as bad as the illuminated stands like the South and North. Tired legs at the end!
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    NEWS Villa (A) On Sale at Box Office Only

    Didn’t think I could make Villa. Turned out on Sunday I could. Bit annoying having to go to the box office (nearly put me off) but luckily no issues at work so could get down prior to FGR tonight. Lower Tier purchased at 5.30pm, looking forward to first visit :bounce:
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    Entry Issues at Forest Green Rovers Match

    First time in West stand today (W231) completes the 4. Pros: no lighting when watching the game, unlike Blackpool illuminations in South stand. Concourse had a good feel to it. Arrived pretty early and got in very easy, so can’t comment on queuing, but mate said it was long 25mins before ko...
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    Retiring an outdated chant

    I’m a big fan of t***, f**** and Brentford. But singing about any of them never aided in the pursuit of the first two. Maybe now we’re Premier League and fashionable my luck will change :cool:.
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    Retiring an outdated chant

    I’m glad it doesn’t make you stop wanting to go to games and you’ve done about 15years more then me so I’m sure you’ve had worse stick from fans (as have I). If it did stop your attendance, the silly young lads who sing it, still wouldn’t be fussed unfortunately. So people having a whinge is...
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    Retiring an outdated chant

    My whole point is it does make me feel a bit affronted. But really it’s nothing and it’s more cringe for the people singing it if they took a step back and thought about if they hate catholics and their ‘leader’ lol. So I move on as life really isn’t affected. Everyone too often searching to be...
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