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    FC Midtjylland

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    Summer 2019 Window: CLOSED. (Outs to Europe can still happen though)

    If we take the transfer fees received in 18/19 less fees paid out then add what’s required to cover the annual operating losses, I wonder how much of the 19/20 transfers are already “covered”.
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    James Tarkowski (Burnley)

    I would have thought that Leicester may be in for him if Maguire goes.
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    Scott Hogan - Signs for Aston Villa.

    Reported on Sky and rejected!
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    Scott to Watford?
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    Welcome the boys home

    Welcome Back Well done to AS, Bennett, Hamer, Wood, Phillips, Halls who came back to the Griffin. Made it a great night.h
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    Darlo v Bees updates 25/04/09

    Champions Everyone connected with the Bees enjoy the moment we all deserve it. The fans, the players, AS and the Board united as one and hopefully the start of great future. Party party next week!:):)
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    Message to the players

    This is your chance to write your names in BFC history. We will do our bit and I am sure you will you will do yours. Together we will be celebrating come May. Up the bees.
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    Is £1m all we need?

    Thanks abee for such a comprehensive reply! What "expertise" do the BU representatives have in running a commercial organisation? Surely this is relevant considering the task they are expected to undertake. Our "appeal" to potential investors is critical as you say. I have been part of an MBO...
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    Is £1m all we need?

    I am a first time poster who is trying to understand the feelings of other supporters who regularly comment on this site. I have to admit that I was blissfully unaware of the undercurrent of bad feeling directed towards those, who I suppose the majority of the 5,000/5,500 who go to GP each week...
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