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    Access to the North Stand

    So, my 81 year old Dad who is not very mobile had to walk around from the Kew Bridge side of the ground to the North Stand. He has a walking stick, no toes on one of his feet (diabetes) and unsurprisingly his mobility is absolutely rubbish and he took an absolute age to access the Stand. He was...
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    Match of the Day on Saturday

    So...Maupay, Gray, Jota, Mepham, O’Connell and Egan with Konsa on the Villa bench. Have I missed anyone?! Another indicator of how far the club has developed in a relatively short period of time.
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    Ian Wright quits the BBC

    In the Sun today, an article about Ian Wright quitting the Beeb. Thank god. I hated his style of coverage. rofl rofl IAN Wright has sensationally quit the BBC as a football pundit, it was revealed today. He left after attacking the corporation for being too stuffy in its match coverage...
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    Playing away from home

    Not unfortunately about cheating on your missus rofl
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    Hitler's Sheffield United Suffer their downfall Worth a look rofl
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    Play off form

    I know that it is terrible - but since it started - how many times have we been in the play off's and what were the results? :computer:
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    Campbell on verge of move...

    Sol Campbell I watched the West Ham game highlights on MoTD last night. What the hell is going on with Sol Campbell? He looked like he was having a nervous breakdown on the pitch. Pulled off at half time (so to speak), showered and on his way to the shrink before the second half had...
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    Joey Barton

    Greedy Bas**** or entirely justified? Apaprently offered a double in salary to £28k a week and was so insulted by the derisory offer, he requested to be transfer listed (think he did this yesterday...). What a greedy fecker. Given some of his previous ''Conduct'' he is still lucky to be...
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    Roy Keane/ MUFC

    Who thinks that Roy Keane was out of order to make the comments on MUFC (apparently the video has now been destroyed rofl rofl ) where he slags off Rio Ferdinand? I think he was well out of order to make the following comments about a fellow player "Just because you are paid £120,000 a week...
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    News article in the Independent

    Huge article on the Bees in the paper today... Interesting that urinating in the shower costs £5 as a fine, but not doing up your top button is £20..... rofl rofl
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    Stan Collymore gets beaten up

    Stan Collymore was beaten up in a burger bar by some of the country's best-known rugby players, the shamed footballer claimed last night. The former Liverpool and Aston Villa striker needed treatment for facial injuries, including a broken nose, after the alleged brawl in Dublin yesterday...
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    Even more likely than a George Foreman comeback

    In one of the most unlikely moves in recent times Brazilian legend Socrates has agreed a deal with Yorkshire non-League team Garforth Town. The majestic midfielder retired 14 years ago but the lure of a spell in the Northern Counties East League has proved too much for the 50-year-old...
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    Italian dress sense

    Have a look at the picture of what Francesco Totti was wearing on Tuesday evening. What an iron. Have you ever seen the like? lol lol lol
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    There really is no such thing as a free lunch

    The headline is spot on. Wonder if my nephew still has his Bob the Builder lunchbox? Could give it to Tabby. Perhaps we should all bring lunchboxes to the game on Saturday & wave them when the players come out as a show of support. Thinking about it, I might bring a lunchbox of food anyway -...
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    Made me chuckle

    A new front runner has appeared for the Chelsea job - DAVID O'LEARY - No seriously. rofl rofl rofl rofl
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    That bastion of Scottish football, Heart of Midlothian are looking into playing an SPL match in Australian in August or January next season to ''Broaden their franchise.'' rofl rofl rofl Putting aside the chance of the SPL sanctioning it rofl , who thinks that lot of Aussie kids would rush...
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    Help Required

    Not sure if this the right thread, but here goes. My Dad & I are taking my nephew (aged 5) to his first ''Live'' football game on Saturday & in an attempt to indoctrinate him, it would be great if a ''Welcome to your first game'' announcement could be made before the game. How would I go about...
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    Wally Downes - the footballer

    The view on Walter Downes the manager seem reasonably clear. However, his penalty prowess (I wonder how many he missed/ Smith saved before that one?) has me wondering - what was he like as a footballer? Given his tactical nous & the fact he played @ Wimbledon, I have my own preconceptions...
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    New England Rugby Captain

    Bit surprised by this on the basis that he is unlikely to be around for the RWC & according to the papers, he does not get on particularly well with Woodward. Still, given England's recent track record - cannot really knock the bloke! Dallaglio gets the armband By Mark Baldwin, Evening...
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    2012 Olympics

    Surely London cannot be the favourite to host the Olympics? With a crumbling transport infrastructure & a silly logo, I could'nt think of a worse venue. Bookmakers William Hill have slashed the odds on London winning the 2012 Olympic Games following the glittering bid launch event at the...
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