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    Our Record on Live TV

    Anyone know of a way to check our record in televised games? It seems the last few seasons we have excelled when televised? It never used to be the case and i dreaded being on tv as we always seemed to lose. Obviously the fact we have the best team in a long long time helps....
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    EFL predictions 20/21

    Only a week away now, whos your fancies for promotion/ playoffs / relegation 1.Norwich 2.BEES 3.Watford 4.Stoke 5.Bristol City 6.Cardiff 22.Sheff wednesday 23.Coventry 24.Wycombe Plymouth to be dark horses in league one and Port Vale in league two
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    Championship kits 20/21

    Some nice kits this year, particularly liking the hummel kits for bristol city and boros away kit. The hummel goalkeeper kits look very nice. Special mentions for barnsleys away kit, swansea away kit and coventrys home kit. Some ghastly ones aswell like birminghams, cardiff, forest and sheff...
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    Who could be the next "Brentford"?

    Lots of teams have made a quick rise through the leagues over the years from league two to the premiership or championship. Us being the latest to storm through the leagues What unlikely club could be the next brentford? Within the next 10 years say? With salfords connections and owners i...
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    Reduced crowds 20/21 "The whole of the next football season in England could be played in front of reduced capacities and crowd sizes could be further impacted if chanting is proven to heighten transmission risk, a senior government adviser has said." It could be like...
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    Favourite player chant

    An attempt to distract from the depressing week we have just had. Whats your favourite song about a player/players I liked the Sonko song or issiah rankins
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    Most hostile away ground wouldnt want to be an opposition player visiting this place! what grounds had the best atmosphere youve seen
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    Peterborough 1992 Video

    i wasnt quite born whilst this was happening but could do with some more this season! The "we are the champions" song was abit naff though :fishing:
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    Changing allegiances...

    Following on from this in another thread, thought it might make for decent discussion Any stories of people changing their colours? Would we welcome a new wave of fans from Chelsea, fulham, qpr or anyone got that matter. We have attracted...
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    Liverpool to play twice in two days The league cups reputation has gone rapidly down hill but who genuienly gives a monkeys about the club world cup. I dont know of their obligations but id sent the youngters to the "club world cup"
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    Swansea(A) Predictions

    Didnt see a thread for this. Bees favourites or joint with the bookies?!? I know we must be on a high after millwall but surely even the most optomistic of bees fans wouldnt have us as favourites. Will be happy with a point 2-2 ollie and benrahma
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    GP and Me

    Looks like BFC are going to be a doing a little series reminiscing with some ex bees. Enjoyed the first with Richard Lee
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    How to get into cricket

    Ive always followed cricket from a far but having stopped playing football now and after this summers action, im interested in trying my hand at it. No previous experience other than a knockabout in the garden and a brief game at school. Any advice on how to get involved as a beginner...
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    Eddie howe mic'd up training Thought a few football nerds might be interested in this. Eddie howe mic'd up for training and talking with players. Abit of mepham in there aswell
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    Fantasy Football-Championship

    Anyone entered the daily telegraphs championship edition of fantasy football? Alot of prices and positions of players are wrong, for the bees anyways. Maupay listed as a midefielder, Josef as a forward, dalsgaard and Henry are cheap as chips! Gone for Jota, dalsgaard and Henry for the bees...
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    Signing announcements

    The trend of silly ways to announce signings seems to have become popular this season but did our very own mb start this trend with his cryptic clips/songs to signal a signing. We have been missing those recently :(
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    Electrician in Chertsey

    Hello fellow bees, my Mrs recently bought a house in Chertsey and reduced it to a bare shell pretty much. She had tried conventional ways of finding a sparky but theyve all been unreliable or bonkers. Said I'd do her a favour and try find her one so looking for a RELIABLE electrician if anyone...
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    Championship Predictions 2016/17

    Whos going to fill the autos, play offs and relegation zone, or for people who like a challenge... the whole table. 1. Newcastle 2. Norwich 3. Derby 4. Sheff wed 5. BEES 6. Brighton 7. Reading 8. Villa 9. Cardiff 10. qpr 11. Notts Forest 12. Ipswich 13. Bristol city 14. Leeds 15. fulham 16...
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    Leeds season tickets

    Sorry if there is somewhere with this already posted. Leeds are essentially giving upto 50% off season tickets next season! They must be hoping evans will cover up the financial hole with pie sales
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    mid season predictions

    With a huge 40 points racked up with the halfway stage on our doorstep and having played every team in the division to get a view of things, what is the target now. in previous seasons the team finishing second and being promoted has been burnley(93), hull(79), southampton(88),norwich(84), west...
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