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    Issues with iFollow for STHers etc.

    Loads of buffering 1st half, 2nd half ok but 2 mins behind...strange!! I've had other problems with getting the games Millwall and Preston but been ok since, i:e logging in, no buffering and transition to VIP status but no contact from Club or ifollow to emails re previous lack of coverage...
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    iFollow Mutual Help Thread

    19.00 ko don't forget
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    Brentford FC - iFollow

    This is a strange one/bit worrying 4 me possibly.:- Got the e-mail from BFC with code, CtrlC code, go to to login/register, takes me straight to next match' no screen to input code!!!! As far as I can tell I haven't given a Debit Card to pay without code. End of last season, no issues with...
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    What Matches Will be Shown on iFollow?

    Thanks jlove & simon c, I was doing just that when you replied!!!
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    What Matches Will be Shown on iFollow?

    appears you ignore the voucher code box and press pay and it works!!! must be an upgrade as this didn't work for the Millwall game!!!
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    What Matches Will be Shown on iFollow?

    I am trying to purchase an ifollow video pass for tomorrows game V Stoke, but it is asking me for a voucher code which I don't seem to have! The same thing happened with the Millwall game so I was unable to watch that one. Please advise ASAP. Please note I am not particularly tech savvy so...
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    Bees 3 (Forss, Benrahma(2)) Fulham 0

    COYB Can we have FFC in the FAcup?
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    Macclesfield Town in Financial Difficulty & Relegated

    My Son was an unused sub @ Macc in the FA Cup (proper) last season for Kingstonian. He loved it, nice ground, nice least he has got his shirt to remember them/the day by.
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    iFollow Mutual Help Thread

    Tried to buy a match pass but when got to payment page asked for voucher code, which I don't have. E mail to ifollow and enquiries@bfc, no reply from either. Have I missed something on offer email from BFC?
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    Birmingham (a) Sat 15th Feb confirmed at 15:00

    Hate the place, hate the team, come on u bees
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    SWR strikes

    was @ Feltham BR station 08.00 today, signs up, no trains stopping @ Brentford.
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    Titus Bramble

    We haven't signed this **** ........have we??????
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    Japanese Ref for FA Cup Tie wouldn't want to lick me!!!!!....although I suspect we are very similar in other ways!!! Off to the game now>>>>>> COME ON YOU BEES
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    Is it time to stop supporting the bees

    In answer to the original question>>>> NEVER I agree with whoever said it was money over the turnstile was "true support", but I also agree with those who can only "support" from afar....yorkbee, silly hat etc etc....... My Grandad first bought me to Griffin Park in 1966.......before the...
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    Japanese Ref for FA Cup Tie

    Fortunately, I'm not a racist.......I hate everybody equally......including myself......I'm a white English hetero male with 6 kids (I've had the snip twice) currently caring for a disabled parent, but looking for work, I'm a qualified gas engineer, an ex Local Authority worker and I've worked...
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    Ealing road chant v chesterfield

    I listen a lot to Radio London and find they are very qpr biased......I only heard a very small amount tonight, but they seemed to be making a big thing of the chant, rather than our demolition of the Cherries.....not Billy Reeves fault...qpr knobs in the commentary positions....from what I...
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    Karen Murphy (pub landlady)

    Thanks for the applause, you should see the mothers, but 6 shags in fifty years aint something to boast about.....what about live football????
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    Karen Murphy (pub landlady)

    I agree with nick and northampton, this idea will be the end of live football for the real fans and utopia for the armchair brigade. I know that I have a vested interest, in that I am a single father of 6 kids looking for shared "fun" outlets, but putting more Brentford on TV is not the answer...
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