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    International call-ups, September 2021

    Players to keep our fingers crossed for: Norgaard - DEN Jensen - DEN Ajer - NOR Forss - FIN Gunnarsson - ICE Bidstrup - DEN U21 Shepperd - WAL U21 Stevens - WAL U21 Adams - WAL U21 Adedokun - ROI U19 Cox - ENG U19 Oyegoke - ENG U19 Fosu can't travel because South Africa is on the Red List...
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    What happened to the Brentford Ebay Items thread?

    I seem to remember @wanderer paul was a regular contributor to such a thread. Did it get lost when the Classifieds forum was decommissioned? Or did it have one of those titles that you just can't search for, all spelling errors and 3-letter words? I was itching to add this unique piece of Bees...
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    Bees digital artwork

    Have any of you talented bees out there got ideas for personalised souvenirs? Without infringing the club's copyright, that is. I've been playing with word clouds using and but I'm not going to win any prizes. A football with all the players who contributed in the...
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    Your photos of Brentford's greatest ever moment

    Here please.
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    International call-ups March '21, minutes watch

    Vitaly Janelt played 15 minutes plus injury time of Hungary 0-3 Germany yesterday. (y) Germany looked sh*t hot, so hopefully he continues to play a bit part only. The big risk is our Danes - 3 in the full squad, Sorenson and Roerslev in the U21's. Did they all travel to join their squads? All...
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    Super Bowl LV prediction game

    Well, the Six Nations starts this weekend, which means it's time to make your Super Bowl predictions. I've upped the ante a bit this year by offering different payouts for different answers. So use your darts, lucky cephalapod, or even use your skill and judgement to answer the 10 questions...
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    Spanish football 2020-21

    An incident-packed final to the 4-team Spanish Super Cup yesterday - a late equaliser, a stunning extra time winner, red card for a slightly famous player, and victory for the team of local lads.
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    NFL Playoff Challenge 2021

    That time of year has come again. For the first time in living memory New England aren't there, but Brady and the Gronk are. There are 14 teams in the playoffs this year, with only Kansas City and Green Bay getting a bye week, so that means 6 wildcard games instead of the usual 4. You can go to...
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    We miss you, <name of fan>

    Anyone else received this email from BFC? It basically says: We see that you haven't spent £10 to watch a game on iFollow yet, please complete this survey to tell us why. The survey offers a bunch of reasons to choose from, including quality of the service, quality of the team's performances...
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    NFL 2020/21 season

    No one seems to know if the regular season can start on time but the draft is still scheduled to take place on April 23-25, albeit without a live audience. LSU QB Joe Burrow is generally expected to be the 1st pick, which Cincinnati owns. The 2nd and 3rd picks are expected to be Ohio St DE...
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    Super Bowl LIV prediction game

    As per usual, use your skill, your judgement, or just throw darts at a picture of Roger Goodell to answer the 12 questions. Previous winners of this popular game - what, you think I keep records of this thing? 1) The colour of Erin Andrew’s jacket/coat? 2) How long will the opening drive last...
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    Not wanting to watch the QPR game on a dodgy, pop-uppy, buffery stream I decided to sign up to The first month is free, and I hope to get the Leicester game too - that’s 2 games that wouldn’t have been available to me on iFollow video. Here’s my review of the service. Availability At...
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    Spanish Football 2019-20

    You think the Premier League has sold out? The Spanish Super Cup final on Sunday won't include the league champions or the cup holders. And it's being played in Saudi Arabia.
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    NFL Playoff Challenge 2020

    It's that time of year again. I've reactivated our Playoff Challenge group and, in keeping with tradition, named it with a terrible football pun. You can go to to register and create a team. Then search for our group by name or go straight to...
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    Super Bowl LIII Prediction Game

    Dead easy to play, just use your skill and judgement to answer the 10 questions. Previous winners of this popular game - fellow Brentford fans, probably male, often sad lonely individuals. 1) First TD scorer - (receiver or runner or team defence) 2) First play of 20 yards or more - (receiver...
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    NFL Playoff Challenge 2019

    It's that time of year again. I don't have access to the Sky Sports Challenge, maybe someone else can set up a league there. Instead, I've created an Playoff Challenge group again. You can go to to register and create a team. Then search for...
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    Spanish football 2018-19

    Real Madrid's last 4 weeks: Sept 26 - Sevilla (a) - lost 3-0 Sept 29 - Atlético (h) - drew 0-0 Oct 2 - CSKA Moscow (a) - lost 1-0 Oct 6 - Alavés (a) - lost 1-0 Oct 20 - Levante (h) - lost 2-1 The consolation goal against Levante was their first in 480 football minutes. After 9 games they're...
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    The Rugby Championship 2018

    Week 4 New Zealand 34-36 South Africa Australia 19-23 Argentina What a great day of rugby, as South Africa and Argentina both hold out near their own line for unexpected wins. Why NZ chose to keep going for a try instead of a drop goal, who knows? SA had already forced several errors within...
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    Super Bowl LII Prediction Game

    New and improved this year, with 40% more trivial goodness. Dead easy to play, just use your skill and judgement to answer the 12 questions. Previous winners of this popular game include fellow Brentford fans, generally male, and occasionally quite sad individuals. 1) The colour of Michele...
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    NFL Playoff Challenge 2018

    I've reactivated the Playoff Challenge group from last year. You need to register on and create a team - click Fantasy, then Playoff Challenge. Then you can find and join the league, same name and password as last year: Name: Hreidarsson the Storm (credit - Heston Bee) Password...
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