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    Shrewsbury - pre-season

    5 tw8's booked up. 0840 from Marylebone - Brum Moor St 2015 Back 11 quids :sorted: 10 quid return on day as a groupie for the other bit
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    Glasgow Rangers v Brentford B - Provisionally March 14 2018

    :wave: x6 booked :sorted: fly up monday night , back wed afternoon
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    Leeds United away 17th dec

    Sorry couldn't find a thread Booked on 0833 up and 1940 back 29 quid :sorted:
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    Hull champagne moment

    Has to be police entering gilson hotel bar at 2am to basically tell everyone to go to bed and to stop anti fulham and Ira songs when they turned all lights off all they got was were Brentford FC we sing in the dark
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    The past 5 days

    2 wins 6 goals New Stadium a massive step nearer Good season ticket news Jimmy Greaves you were spot on sir !
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    Champagne Moment v BWFC

    Hugs with Ryan Woods , PG and the main man Matthew Benham
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    5k to MK on Saturday - 23rd April

    Not sure if this right place mods but : Lets do this , take as many people as you can
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    Team for Charlton

    -----------Button Nico---Dean---Barbet---Bidwell -------Woods-- JM Canos---Judge---Swift ---------Djuricin
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    Cant see a thread , so what are your plans ? Meeting couple at London Bridge at 120 , couple there then train at 211 down to the seaside :beer: :bound: :kiss:mequick
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    Team for Huddersfield

    ---------- Button Colin Dean Tarky Bidwell -------Woods Toums Jota--- Swift --- Judge ---------- Vibe Time to bring in the big guns !
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    Watford stadium development plans :lol::lol:
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    Pre match pubs

    In order from first up to current day Ealing Park tavern - Bricklayers Royal Horse Guardsman Princess The zoo Oak Inverness
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    Middlesbrough Tues Sept 16th

    Virgin East Coast sale started today :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: booked up , 20 quid return to York :sorted: £14 return from there
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    Norwich Friendly

    :wave: :wave: :wave: 0900 there 1800 back
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    Dagenham - away - League Cup - Tuesday 12th August (?)

    leave work early- C2C from Fenchurch to Barking then District line- Home via Upminster after
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    Peterborough away

    Anyone going ? 2 yellow wavey things here
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    Port Vale

    Booked on Virgin 20 quid return COYR
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    Available for 11.50 each way. Be quick as Liverpool and Everton both got home draws so one will deffo be playing that day.
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    Hereford away

    Yipee , something to plan. Train and stay the night i suppose :bound:
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    Sheff Wed

    Now March 29th !!!
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