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  1. Bee in Leeds

    The Damian Scannell thread

    So how did Mr Scannell play yesterday?
  2. Bee in Leeds

    Chris Hargreaves

    Still at Torquay and was a makeshift centre half last night. Unfortunately for him the game was live on Setanta as he let a long ball bounce over his head while an Ebbsfleet forward nipped in and scored. Still has the long hair too...
  3. Bee in Leeds

    Simon Brown Joins Darlington on loan

    Joined Darlington on loan until January.,,10421~1356740,00.html
  4. Bee in Leeds

    Paul Brooker

    Appears everyone's favourite Mr Brooker has set up a carpet cleaning business. Appologies for the site, it was forwarded in by a Fulham 'mate'.
  5. Bee in Leeds

    Michael Turner

    Looks like Mr Turner is doing alright for himself these days. Im at uni in Hull and my mate works at Debenhams and he was in buying some top of the range cabinets at £300 a piece!! He had to help load them in his brand new Mercedes, with his hot girlfriend looking on! Cant imagine why he...
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