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  1. Balders Bee

    Wimbledon v Brentford Reports and comments

    Got there in the end. I think our first half can best be described as lackadaisical, bit of a flukey opener for AFC but can't say they didn't deserve it as their direct style caused far too many problems for our back four. Only a superb double save from Daniels stopped us going 2 down. We had...
  2. Balders Bee

    Uwe on Late Kick Off BBC1

    Our media friendly manager has popped up on the new local football magazine programme alongside Mark Bright. Appears to put the blame for our current downturn in form to the circus of the Chelski games. Was at pains to point out that our season starts again on Tuesday night as his side had the...
  3. Balders Bee

    Why I love being a Bee.

    Amongst all the diverse opinions expressed on this board be it the so called Rose Tinted Brigade or Mercants of Doom & Gloom etc after the game on Saturday I was reminded why I support our little West London Football Club and why no matter what players/tactics/Managers come and go why I'll...
  4. Balders Bee

    England v Andorra & Croatia WC

    Forwards for the Croatia Andorra game......Heskey, DeFoe, Rooney, Walcott....poor international scoring records, poor form and inexperience. No place for Micheal Owen:confused:. Really starting to worry about Capello........oh and Bullard........don't even get me started:nono:.
  5. Balders Bee

    Salako-What's the Story

    Can anyone tell me what Salako did to get in MA's bad books. Whilst not consistant over the season Salako delivered some excellent quality from corners and free-kicks over the course of the season and we were crying out for some of that quality in both legs of the play-off's given our style of...
  6. Balders Bee

    Frampton or Salako ?

    Just wondered who people prefered for the season's run-in in the left back slot, Frampton or Salako? IMHO Salako get's the nod, whilst Frampton probably has the defensive edge I really believe we need Salako's experience and ability to cross the ball and take effective free-kicks. Framp's is...
  7. Balders Bee

    Butler Bee??????????

    Noticed on teletext today that Reading are thinking of letting Martin Butler go out on loan to 'Rediscover his goal scoring touch'. Pardew apparently told the Evening post "He's not playing well at the moment and I think the problem lies with his confidence and he needs to rediscvover that"...
  8. Balders Bee

    Sideshow Bob No Longer!!!!

    Just watching MOD and lo and behold Side Show Bob comes on as a sub for Watford shorn of all his lovely locks-what has induced this drastic change. It must have given him an extra yard of pace cos his first touch was to hack a clearance off his goal line. With this and the shock of seeing Big...
  9. Balders Bee

    Colin W*nker (merged)

    Neil Warnock-Complete W@*^r! Whilst I can applaud Sheff United's excellent victory over the scousers in the first leg of the Worthington Cup I just hope they get stuffed in the second leg to shut their loud mouthed obnoxious manger Warnock up. I can't deny he has done a half decent job but...
  10. Balders Bee

    Big Mac Takeaway

    Just seen on Teletext on the round up of transfer rumours in the Sunday rags: Has anyone heard anything? Is it just groundless speculation from somewhere like Teamlies? I know he hasn't always been everone's cup of tea but he's shown some signs of promise this season & if he does go the...
  11. Balders Bee

    Bee Loud, Bee Proud & Beelieve

    As the pre match nerves are calmed by the umpteenth bottle of Bud the true magnitude of tomorrows match strikes home. It is a defining moment in the Bees history. This bunch of young lads are on the verge of pulling off a victory which would make the pampered premiership stars at Highbury's...
  12. Balders Bee

    Bee Proud-against the odds

    I think all Bees fans would agree that the lads did us proud today. The only difference being when Reading needed a goal they could call on the abilities of a quarter of a milliom pounds worth of talent in someone like Cureton.... when we needed a goal a goal we didn't even have a recognised...
  13. Balders Bee

    Smile Ron!

    As our glorious lads produced a sublime performance against Huddersfield, as I emotionally hugged any unfortunate fellow bees fan within arms length as the goals flew in, I happened to look over to where Uncle Ron was sitting. Was he jumping up & down in elation? politely clapping with a broad...
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