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  1. Leonardo

    Suggestion Armel Bella-Kotchup (Bochum CB)

    Former team mate of Janelt, very high potential, strong cb no-nonsense and can play a bit.
  2. Leonardo

    Kwame Poku (Colchester, Winger)

    19 year old Kwame Poku is rumoured to be joining for £150,000. Would think a B team signing given his age. Source is dubious
  3. Leonardo

    Elvis Bwomono (Southend Defender) £500K bud accepted. Someties this site has good stories sometimes a load of sh*te
  4. Leonardo

    Harry Pickering (Crewe Left back)

    V good season for Crewe. Quite tall for LB . Only 21.
  5. Leonardo

    Mobile site broken?

    Tried 2 phones and a brand new tablet and the options to get to last post don't show any more. Full site gives a 404 not found message. Doesn't matter logged in or not.
  6. Leonardo

    Len Johnrose

    Very sad this ex Burnley and Blacburn player is suffering motor neurone disease
  7. Leonardo

    Jack Rodwell

    Anyone seen this Chris Coleman doesn't know where one of his most expensive players is. What kind of management is that?
  8. Leonardo

    Ryan Mason

    Forced to retire at 26 because not recovering fractured skull. Real shame and hope he finds something positive to do and not fall into the ex-fgootballers depression trap...
  9. Leonardo

    New posts

    New posts are not now showing in bold this morning.
  10. Leonardo


    Unbeleiveable that Leicester signed the talented 21 year old for £25M in the summer on wages £115000 and few months later want shot of him. They should never have offered him those wages unless they were going to make him a star player. Now they can't even loan him as clubs won't pay those...
  11. Leonardo

    Funniest goal

    Just been sent this and it takes some beating as a funny goal (although not for the keeper)
  12. Leonardo

    Stats based recruitment or is this just a front?

    Everyone associates Brentford with stats based recruitment. But is all it seems to be? Scratch under the surface and you might find our January transfer deals had a common theme. World in motion "One of the few truly global sports management companies offering a comprehensive and exclusive...
  13. Leonardo

    Jordon Ibe

    A starlet that somehow Bournemouth got, now called disappointment by Eddie Howe and sent packing for rest of season. Is this another young talent gone off the rails corrupted by fame and fiortune at too young an age without having achieved anything?
  14. Leonardo

    Bees missed "local" talent to Birmingham City!

    Birmingham City have signed 2 young players from Beaconsfield Ollie McCoy is quite highly regarded, his mum is a teacher in Burnham. Don't understand how these local kids slipped our net...
  15. Leonardo

    Club shop / QPR match day vs Brentford match day

    On Saturday my daughter's uncle took her and nieces to QPR Forest match. She was raving about the shop and how much stuff they had and cheaper (seems like they are already selling off stationary, t shirts etc) and how much bigger it was than Brentford's shop. I guess not much can be done until...
  16. Leonardo

    Dion Dublin

    The well hung ex-footballer has now joined the realms of day-time TV on Homes Under the Hammer. Think of the irony of him bumping into Robbie Fowler the well known Manchester landlord ...
  17. Leonardo

    Chris Haslam - Head of Performance at Wigan

    Has he left Wigan?
  18. Leonardo

    Charlton place for reserve Standard Liege players

    Main feature on BBC Late Kick Off tonight. May be quite interesting.
  19. Leonardo

    Has Peter G missed a home match?

    Just been thinking I cannot remember Peter G not doing a home game. Has he an understudy in case he loses his voice ?
  20. Leonardo

    Chris Haslam (Head of Conditioning) Resigns and joins Wigan

    Chris Haslam gone ...
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