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  1. Mikey Bee

    Champagne Moment - Aston Villa v Brentford

    Before the season started, I had two PL fans gobbing off and saying they would take all 6 points off of us. I had £20 bets with them that wouldn't happen. The fixture Gods smiled on me and we played both sides in the first 3 matches. £40 donated to charities supporting military veterans and...
  2. Mikey Bee

    Premier League Wallpaper 2021/22

    So I was a bit bored today and decided to make a new wallpaper for my laptop and thought I'd share it with you lovely people. 16:9 (1920x1080) - 4:3 (2048x1536) - Will update the links...
  3. Mikey Bee

    Premier League Points

    Here are the numbers based on the last 26 seasons of the PL since it moved to its current format of 20 teams. POS AVE HIGH LOW 1 87 100 75 2 80 97 68 3 74 83 65 4 69 79 60 5 65 75 56 6 61 69 55 7 58 64 53 8 54 61 46 9 52 59 46 10 50 59 44 11 48 55 44 12 46 52 42 13...
  4. Mikey Bee

    20/21 Season Tickets - Fan Consultation

    It's been very quiet from the club about what they're planning to do for the 10k+ ST holders at the new stadium. Does anyone know if they have reached out to any of the supporters groups? Any inklings as to what their plans are? I appreciate that everything is still up in the air re Government...
  5. Mikey Bee

    Post Lockdown Format

    Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere but what are your thoughts on the match format post-lockdown? Personally I quite like the game being split into quarters with the drinks breaks. My concern would be that the TV companies may try to stretch the 60-90 seconds or whatever it is to sell...
  6. Mikey Bee

    100% Home Record - Can Liverpool do a Brentford?

    The last team in the top 4 divisions to win all of their home league matches in a season was, of course, Brentford back in the 1929/30 season. Liverpool currently have a 100% record with only 7 home league matches left. Their remaining games are Southampton, West Ham, Bournemouth, Crystal...
  7. Mikey Bee

    West Stand - Block Party

    Assuming I've read the stadium plan correctly, this is the seating block plan for the West Stand. Where are you planning to sit? Photo credit: Droney McDroneface
  8. Mikey Bee

    Somewhere over the radar...

    When we start the 2019/2020 season, only six teams will have had more consecutive seasons in the Championship than us. Derby (12), Nottm Forest (12), Leeds (10), Birmingham (9), Sheff Weds (8), Reading (7). Surely now we're no longer classed as being "under the radar". We're one of the most...
  9. Mikey Bee

    Brentford FC Social Media - VFM?

    The club have over 108,000 followers on Twitter and since January 2010, they've tweeted over 62,000 times. Every day, new content is added to the Twitter feed whether it be video, photos or links to articles on the club site. With over 100k followers and a number of full-time staff responsible...
  10. Mikey Bee

    Fifa Propose Loan Deal Change

    "Fifa plans to limit the number of players a club can loan out each season to prevent teams stockpiling talent. Football's governing body had proposed a maximum of six loans per club." via BBC Sport Interesting line here regarding the reasons for introducing the plan that loans should be for...
  11. Mikey Bee

    New Official Partner for Funerals

    I know that we like to do things differently at Brentford but this is something else... "Brentford 'Til I Die Welcome to G Saville & Son Funeral Directors who have signed up to become our Official Funeral Partners"
  12. Mikey Bee

    Focus Groups

    The club recently gave fans the option to join focus groups to "have their say and share their thoughts on what could happen before, during and after matchdays at the new stadium" *. The groups covered ten specific areas: Locations, who sits where? /Atmosphere Technology New Stadium Events...
  13. Mikey Bee

    Premier League on Amazon Prime

    Just announced that 20 PL games to be streamed on Amazon Prime. UPDATE: Press release from Amazon here
  14. Mikey Bee

    Splitting World of Sport Forum?

    Is it possible to split the 'Football World & World of Sport' forum so that any non-football related posts are in a different section? Maybe move to the This 'n' That parent forum? The reason I ask is because I tend to have the Activity Stream open on a separate browser tab without logging in...
  15. Mikey Bee

    Bursaspor Stadium

  16. Mikey Bee

    Fulham owner to buy Wembley Stadium?

    "The Football Association has received an offer, thought to be worth £800m, to sell Wembley Stadium. Shahid Khan, the owner of Fulham and NFL team Jacksonville Jaguars, is the prospective buyer." :eek:
  17. Mikey Bee

    Smoking/Vaping at Lionel Road

    I'm interested to hear peoples views on what the smoking policy should be at Lionel Road. What are the plans for allocating smoking spaces in/around the stadium? What are their plans for vaping?
  18. Mikey Bee

    Goal of the Month

    Sometimes, when your team aren't doing well, you just gotta laugh... Hats off to the Palace fanzine Five Year Plan for this brilliant Goal of the Month video.
  19. Mikey Bee

    To all the Martin Allen critics

    OK. We didn't go up this year and I knew that all the whinging, moaning fans would come out and blame Martin Allen because, to steal someone elses catchphrase, that's Brentford, innit? Let's put things into perspective and for some of you Johnny Come Latelys, let's take a reality check...
  20. Mikey Bee

    Advanced Ticket Sales

    I tried looking round the official site but couldn't find the answer. The pre-booking discount seems to have been scrapped this season on all parts of the ground with the exception of the Brook Road terrace. Can anyone confirm or deny this ? Also am I right in saying that Braemar D Block...
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