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    Poor punditry /'expert' opinion comments

    Please read Garth Crooks team of the week bit on the BBC website about us where he has David Raya as goalkeeper. Another uninformed idiot and certainly one I find dreadful on the tv.
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    Final Score Palace 0 Bees 0

    It’s not the BBC people can vote for the MOM.
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    Wilfried Zaha

    I thought he was a disgrace to the club, over rated prima Donna.
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    Food and drink options at BCS

    I’m really pleased for you!!!
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    Food and drink options at BCS

    It’s not a case of being fussy it’s an illness, thanks for your concern though!!!!
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    Food and drink options at BCS

    As someone with a gluten intolerance, there was absolutely nothing I could have in my part of the south stand.
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    England v India Test Match Series (5th Test could be in 2022 ?)

    Sibley has no shots at all. All of his runs today have been down to fine leg. Not a classic player and easy to bowl at, just pure survival.
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    Unlikely Jens Cajuste (FCM MF)

    Is that Professor Stanley Unwin back from the dead?
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    The Club Shop

    What it says is ‘sender dispatching item’ 14 June and no further updates. The thing is it hasn’t been delivered to us.
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    The Club Shop

    Has anyone else had delivery issues from the club shop. My son ordered some items for me for Fathers Day in good time but they didn’t and still haven’t arrived. The tracking number just states that it has been sent to Royal Mail. I have phoned them up and they said they would resend not by RM...
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    England v New Zealand, Second Test

    Technique problems left right and centre with these players I’m afraid.
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    England v New Zealand, Second Test

    This wicketkeeper is not good enough for this level he’s dreadful.
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    Poor punditry /'expert' opinion comments

    He also said after Italy won that other teams will now sit and stand up after that performance and I’m sure he said waked up and not woke up. Embarrassing really.
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    General Transfer Rumours (Summer 2021)

    He’s a total c***
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    Still under the radar...

    That was done before the play off final. Agree though it hasn’t been updated.
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    ***Playoff Final Travel Information***

    We got one back to Ruislip, five of us it cost £62!!!!
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    Bees 2 (Toney (p), Emiliano) Swansea 0

    Right at the end of the game we got a throw in, that c*** Roberts picked the ball up but didn’t give to Mbeumo he just chucked it on the floor and then complained to the ref about time wasting, oh the irony. Again Roberts was up to his usual tactics he is just one I really can’t stand, cheating c***
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    Ethan Pinnock

    Man mountain, absolutely outstanding
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    Poor punditry /'expert' opinion comments

    He’s a Bournemouth fan, he felt that it was completely unjust that we knocked them out. Their tactics over both legs were shameful if not bizarre and they got what they deserved.
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    Play-Off Final Tickets - SOLD OUT

    3 purchased 2 x £65 and 1 @ £32.50 hopefully we will be near each other friends and family👍🏻
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