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  1. tw2bee

    Team v Cardiff (A)

    TF might have a few headaches for this one. Nobody came out of Tuesday night with any credit. I would go with the following assuming Christian is ok: Raya Roerslev, Dalsgaard, Pinnock, Henry Baptiste, Norgaard, Marcondes Benrahma, Watkins, Fosu Marcondes and Fosu in for Da Silva and Mbuemo...
  2. tw2bee

    Blackpool v Brentford match reports and reaction

    Button - 7 - thought he could have done better for the goal but was quick off his line and comfortable for the rest of the game. McCormack - 6 - did okay. Usual tenacious defending but didn't offer much going forward and their goal came from a cross from his side again. Tarkowski - 8 - solid...
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