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  1. Bee1895

    Things other teams' fans say about Brentford FC

    Sorry for mistakingly thinking I might be allowed to voice an opinion as well.
  2. Bee1895

    Nice not nice

    I was asking as it is called "crowd troubles" and "riots" again. Maybe I've got a different take on these...
  3. Bee1895

    Nice not nice

    Did anything happen besides Lens running onto the pitch ?
  4. Bee1895

    Things other teams' fans say about Brentford FC

    I'll never understand why one should strife through the opposition's boards before and after a match. Did anyone ever read something there that was unexpected ?
  5. Bee1895

    Kristoffer Ajer

    He's got a point though...
  6. Bee1895

    Hungary v England World Cup Qualifier

    They'd probably love that.
  7. Bee1895

    Great Football Club Names
  8. Bee1895

    Great Football Club Names

    Newell Old Boys
  9. Bee1895

    Best Grounds

    Was at Highfield Road once and loved it, same with Maine Road... New grounds look somewhat exchangable / often the same.
  10. Bee1895

    Vitaly Janelt

    Actually, PKW stands for "Personenkraftwagen" which is an absolutely un-military term... ;)
  11. Bee1895

    Uwe Rosler

    Fortuna Duesseldorf being my hometown club, I can deny all of the above. He simply was an awful manager. One should not forget that Fortuna have been relegated from top flight two years ago and avoiding a drop to third tier might not have been what they actually hoped for... ;)
  12. Bee1895

    Nice not nice

    Sucker punch as well... Also you can see in one video that an Olympique players shoots a ball hard in the stands... Should not have happened, but Marseille did few to calm the situation.
  13. Bee1895

    The Crystal Palace Supporter Today

    I'll never understand people prooving their full scale stupidness to thousand of people and probably millions on the web...
  14. Bee1895

    Vitaly Janelt

    Do you need the full report ? Bochum's goalkeeper was sent off with a red card for unsportsmanlike conduct and they already had used their three changes... But it was in the 88th minute of that match, when Janelt switched to goalie
  15. Bee1895

    Gone Elsewhere Lionel Messi

    Is he even allowed to leave Spain after all that tax evasion ?
  16. Bee1895

    New Stadium Wifi - It's sh*t.

    You might end up with a shrink...
  17. Bee1895

    New Stadium Wifi - It's sh*t.

    What worries we do have nowaydays. In the early days, people went to a ground to watch a football match... 😬
  18. Bee1895

    Formula 1 2021

    Aston Martin will appeal. They claim there was enough fuel left, but the pump was broken.
  19. Bee1895

    MLB Season 2021

    Don't even get it. A rebuild was not neccessary for the Cubs.
  20. Bee1895

    FC Midtjylland

    I think it was pretty unfair that Midtjylland did not eben have to play against a pro football team.
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