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  1. johndub

    MotM Man of the match v Liverpool (H) 25 Sept 2021

    Can’t argue with that.
  2. johndub

    Frank Onyeka

    He came into the Dugout bar after the game (looked like he was being given a tour). Instantly recognised, triggering his chant. Stopped for a few selfies. Seems a really nice bloke. Brings a touch of steel to the team whenever he’s on the pitch.
  3. johndub

    Yoane Wissa

    I posted after the Villa game, where he came on as a late sub, that he looked a class player. He’s confirmed it in his performances since.
  4. johndub

    MotM Man of the match v Liverpool (H) 25 Sept 2021

    I’ve gone for Raya who, despite conceding 3 goals (none his fault) was immense. Looking at the poll when casting my vote, it seemed strange that Pinnock polled only 1 vote. I thought he was having a superb game before he went off. In fact, as a number of people have said, it was another game...
  5. johndub


    Don’t think we’ll be last on. 😀
  6. johndub

    Adam Forshaw (Leeds United)

    Makes no difference. Fulham are out!
  7. johndub

    Food and drink options at BCS

    Has anyone tried?
  8. johndub

    TICKET NEWS Oldham (H) LC3 (On General Sale)

    Poor forward planning on my part means I have to miss tomorrow’s game. Currently on a 4 day break in the Isle of Wight. Mrs. Jd won’t countenance cutting it short. I’ve tried bribery and cajolery. Nothing doing. 😦
  9. johndub

    Final Score Wolves 0 - 2 Bees (Toney (p), Mbeumo)

    Just got home. About to open a celebratory bottle. What a game! What a win! Toney was top top superb. Everybody else was merely….excellent. Ajer and Nørgaard super excellent. I’ve no more words, except to say that I forgive Shandon his moment of madness.
  10. johndub


    But maybe a trip to Manhattan might be awkward.
  11. johndub


    I.B. Have you thought of hosting social events for a few GPGers? A few samosas , beers and a curry. I’d be willing to pay and would sign up in a flash!
  12. johndub

    Who's improved and who's regressed?

    I forgot my key for the Palace game. Didn’t realise until I left The Express (yes, I know it was an away game) about 10.30 ish. ‘er indoors wasn’t best pleased when I rang her to get out of bed to open up. Talk about the doghouse…
  13. johndub

    QPR B v Brentford B Wed 15 Sep 19:00

    The best way to remember is that there is an e for envelope in stationery and an a for arrest or stop in stationary. Well, it works for me anyway.
  14. johndub

    Bees United Lionel Road Book

    Got mine today too. Very pleased. 😁
  15. johndub

    QPR B v Brentford B Wed 15 Sep 19:00

    No problem with a keeper having a stationery company provided he’s not stationary between the posts.
  16. johndub

    Food and drink options at BCS

    Samosas in the Dugout bar excellent again.
  17. johndub

    New Stadium Capacity (now c.17,800)

    Is it something you’ve said?
  18. johndub

    Neal Maupay (Brighton & HA)

    Yes. Well played Ivan.
  19. johndub

    Food and drink options at BCS

    Busy early doors in the Dugout bar. No trouble getting in from the North Stand though. Guinness still watery and tasteless. Poured as if the place was on fire. Shouts of “drink up please” from shortly after 7pm. Admittedly, it was thinning out by then.
  20. johndub

    Neal Maupay (Brighton & HA)

    Too many kind comments on here. He’s no longer our player. His time wasting after their goal might have been typically Neal but I hated him for it. Clearly annoyed Toney. Annoyed me even more. The little ****.
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