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  1. magicbees

    Stroud is Referee for Stoke (A)

    When things were looking better, we get hit very hard with Stroud.
  2. magicbees

    Team v Millwall

    Raya (Very Harsh on Daniels) Henrik Pinnock Pontus Henry Norgaard JDS Baptiste (if fit enough) Canos Toney Bryan
  3. magicbees

    Overall Progress of Summer 2020 Window (Split Thread)

    Cant believe this has dragged out for so long. Still no real rumour for anymore incomings. Ill be glad when the window shuts.
  4. magicbees

    Team vs Stoke

    Apologies if this has been started. My Team Raya, Dalsgaard, Jansson, Pinnock, Henry. Mokotjo Dasilva Jensen Mbuemo, Watkins, Benrahma Subs: Daniels, Clarke, Jeanvier, Norgaard, Valencia...
  5. magicbees

    Team vs Stoke City

    Daniels Konsa Jeanvier Barbet Moses Moko Sawyers Henry Benrahma Maupay Watkins Subs: Bentley, Dalsguard, Judge, DaSilva, Maceachren, Canos, Ogbene
  6. magicbees

    Wolves V's Rotherham Good Friday Who do we want to win.

    Has to be Wolves for me, last season hurt so much and now I will accept second place asap.
  7. magicbees

    When are we going to send some of our squad out on loan

    Our squad is now far to big and a number of players need to go out on loan. People like, Reeves, Hayes, Dallas and maybe Dave.
  8. magicbees

    New Faces at Pre Season Training

    Not sure if there is another Thread for the attached, if so please delete.
  9. magicbees

    Team V Oldham

    Easy, same again if all fit. :) Even if it means 4-5-1 / 4-3-3
  10. magicbees

    Signings and Departures 2012 / 2013

    So who's going to be on this season's list.
  11. magicbees

    Team Vs Exeter

    Lee (If Fit) Logan / Thompson, Legge, Osborne, Bidwell; Douglas, Forshaw, Dave / Forrester; Saunders; Alexander, Berahino Subs Moore/Gounet, Dean, Reeves/Forrester, Weston, Donaldson;
  12. magicbees

    Would any of our loan signings this season make our first choice 11

    I don't think any of our loan signing or short term deal players would make many peoples first choice 11 players this season.
  13. magicbees

    Team to play Stockport

    Would not like to guess what AS has planned.
  14. magicbees

    Is Our Current Squad Better Then Last Season

    I think it's slightly worse this season, I don't think the current squad would have won league two last season.
  15. magicbees

    Bennett's Injury

    How bad does Alan Bennett's injury sound, hopefully not to long.
  16. magicbees

    Can Weston & Saunders Play Together In Away Games

    I feel it will be a hard decision for Andy to make, both very good players and a great asset to Brentford Football Club. Would like to know people's view on this matter, I feel we may get over run in midfield, and maybe Sam would be a better option in away game.
  17. magicbees

    Is Simon Brown playing Against Wycombe

    I have just read on the teamtalk and bbc websites, that Simon Brown will start on Sunday ahead of Ben Hamer. I just can't believe this could be true, can somebody please confirm this. :confused: :confused: :confused:
  18. magicbees

    Harry Worley

    Hope the young Chelsea defender Harry Worley is our next signing. But if not and there's no money left, I'm very pleased we got Gary Smith. :sorted:
  19. magicbees

    The Gary Smith thread

    Is there any news of Gary Smith being offer a contract. He has played in all four friendlies and done a good job in all 4 and deserves a contract. We could do a lot worse and most likely will. :idea:
  20. magicbees

    Looks Like Clark Tomorrow

    Looks like Clark Master's will be in goal tomorrow, I hope nobody gives him stick if things don't go to plan tomorrow afternoon. There will only be one person to blame and that's Leroy, since day 1 he has know Stuart Nelson is suspended for our first game and in a number of messages he has said...
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