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  1. bee1958

    Lionel Road Ground Regulations

    I understand there is no food or drink available at the Bournemouth game. Can we bring in water, a hot drink, or a sandwich to the stadium? What is explicitly permitted, and what is not allowed?
  2. bee1958

    Play-off Tickets

    Any idea about how the allocation of these will be decided? Presumably numbers will be limited to less than 100% capacity. What should be the criteria, for home, away, and if we make it, the final?
  3. bee1958

    Malware attacks

    Manchester United computer systems have been hacked. There is speculation that ransomware is involved. Hopefully Brentford FC systems have effective security measures.
  4. bee1958

    2030 World Cup

    The FA are moving ahead with a proposal for England and the other home nations to host the World Cup in 2030. I hope it takes place and maybe still be alive for this! I remember listening to the 66 World Cup final on the radio with my mum and dad...
  5. bee1958

    Travel this weekend

    The North Circular Road is closed northbound until Sunday from Chiswick roundabout to Gunnersbury Lane. Traffic along the A4 Eastbound is at a standstill. I would expect it to be equally bad tomorrow.
  6. bee1958

    John Chandler RIP

    I heard this morning that John Chandler has passed away. John told me that his first game attending the Bees was in 1932 (if my memory is correct). He had am amazing number of stories about the Bees, particularly in the glory years of the 1930s. There was an article written by John in the...
  7. bee1958

    England 6 Andorra 0

    Anyone up for the Wembley game on Wednesday? I think there are loads of tickets available BUT a tube strike. I'll be dusting down the bicycle for this one. Should be bags of goals, maybe some will be rested?
  8. bee1958

    Oldest and Youngest Brentford Players

    Does anyone know the oldest and youngest players to appear in a first-team Brentford match. This link, about the all-time oldest football league players, got me thinking about it.
  9. bee1958

    Champagne Moment v Wycombe

    Andy Scott getting knocked over during the goal celebrations. The players really wanted to do it for the manager..
  10. bee1958

    Champagne Moment v AFC Bournemouth

    The sunset.
  11. bee1958

    Supporters Direct

    Two rather different views, from the same newspaper on the same day concerning the decision to grant money to Supporters Direct: In the same edition of the paper, Simon Heffer wrote: 'I heard the sports...
  12. bee1958


    By my reckoning we are guaranteed a play-off place. I hope both Southend and Colchester flunk their last couple of games, but they might not. Every Bees fan, including me, wants an automatic promotion spot. IF that does not happen (unlikely, but possible) then who would you like to see us...
  13. bee1958

    Playground arguments

    My daughter, who is a regular supporter at GP, is plagued by kids in her school who say Brentford are rubbish etc, whilst never actually getting to a game. To help her stand her corner in the playground, I would like to give her some Brentford facts that may help shut up her tormentors. I do...
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