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    Kevin McDonald (Fulham Midfielder)

    Available on a Free from Fulham. Could be good cover for CN for a season. Always rated him but didn't play much last season.
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    James Lockwood

    An old school mate of mine has just found a team photo of the Bees in his late mothers belongings going back to the early 1920's which apparently includes the above her father his grandfather. They knew him as either John or Jack but he might also have been known as James. Do any of you archive...
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    Ignoring irrelevant threads

    How can I set my smart phone so stuff about anything other than football doesn't get through to my phone. I'm thinking any US sport, Rugby, Cricket or any general rubbish that doesn't interest me?
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    Ticket Office at GP

    Is the TO still open to buy match tickets in advance in person? I want to try and buy the 2 seats next to my ST seat for the WBA game for my brother and nephew who want to come to GP for one last time. They live away and don't get the chance to attend very often. I don't want to try and wrestle...
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    Charlton Athletic sold to East Street Investments

    Middle Easten investment company buy Charlton subject to sanction by the EFL. Might result in Bowyer getting some cash to splash in the forthcoming window.
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    QPHa Penalties v Hull

    Saw these on Quest. Eze stops in his run up selling the keeper a dummy and the puts the ball to the other side of where the keeper has moved. I thought this was outlawed years ago when either Aldridge or Fowler started doing it.
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    FA Cup Final 2018

    Got to the end of the season and just realised I had no idea who was in the final so divorced and disinterested have I become from the premiershite and cup final and who's in it. Don't have Sky or BT so the only TV football I see is Channel 5 Championship and below although I did watch some...
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    Anyone have any idea why I cant view the list of 'likes' anymore?
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    Griffin Park Old Capacity

    I can't see there's a thread on this so here goes. Does anybody know what the old official capacity of the ground and each stand was in the 1950's and 60's before it started to degenerate. I know record crowds were in the 30's but they were before any concept of health and safety and had people...
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    What year was this team

    I learnt the following team Parrot fashion and used to run around the house reciting it. I must have been very young. Can anyone tell me which season or game even it might have come from: Cakebread, Coote, Gitsham, Gelson, Dargie, Higginson, Summers, Brooks, Francis, Dick, McLeod. They must have...
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    Brisbane Road Ground

    I don't appear to be able to start a new thread so I'll post here. How is that stand we were in today not condemned? Wooden floor and underneath and very narrow walkways and passage below. I thought it was very dangerous and much worse than New Road!!!
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    Barnet's new ground

    Anyone else see that the local council have told Barnet they have to knock down the main stand and floodlights of their new ground because of breach of planning consent. Hope Brian and Chris keep on top of ours when LR is being built!
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