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  1. King Bee

    Gone Elsewhere Christos Tzolis (Signed for Norwich)

    Greek LW linked to Naarwich and available for 10 big ones apparently. Only 19 too. I’m only suggesting it because Norwich fans seem to be concerned that we might gazump them to this one too (like we did with Ajer) even though we haven’t been linked at all.
  2. King Bee

    Tenuous Link Takumi Minamino (Liverpool Fwd)

    Interesting rumour...
  3. King Bee

    Leandro Rodriguez - Returns to Everton.

    From: "Everton striker Leandro Rodriguez has gone on loan to Brentford. "The Uruguayan forward joined the Blues last summer in a £500,000 deal and will spend a month with the...
  4. King Bee

    FC Midtjylland Manager Resigns

    Hmm, looks like Riddersholm has just resigned...
  5. King Bee

    125th Anniversary Dinner

    If you are already going to the event this tomorrow then you don't need to read this thread any further! We have had a last minute drop out from the BU table and we wondering if any of our members would like to join the remaining prize draw winners for the dinner? Do let me know by this...
  6. King Bee

    Jake Bidwell songs...

    We need a song for Jake, so here's my tuppence worth: #1 To the tune of Flintstones: Bidwell, Jakie Bidwell Hey Hodgson, why don’t you see From the town of Scouse-land He’s the best left back in history… #2 He's slick, he strong, he is good at crossing the ball, Jake Bidwell, Jake Bidwell
  7. King Bee

    Nicky Adams Signs,,10421~2127817,00.html signed!!!
  8. King Bee

    Lionel Ainsworth (Braintree Town)

    on an initial one month's loan. Discuss.
  9. King Bee

    Lorenzo Pinamonte

    UFFICIALE: Lumezzane, parte Pinamonte 05.11.2008 18.04 di Massimiliano Mogavero articolo letto 368 volte Lorenzo Pinamonte (30) lascia il Lumezzane per approdare all'ambizioso Brindisi, squadra che milita in Serie D, ma che punta decisamente al salto di categoria. Translation: has left Serie...
  10. King Bee

    Cambridge City Hug-A-Thon?

    I've just received this in my inbox and for a bit of Friday afternoon banter wondered if anyone was prepared to admit who'd they like to hug at Brentford...
  11. King Bee

    Your team for next season?

    Since we're all speculating on who we might keep and who we might get rid of, I wouldn't be too displeased if I saw a team at the start of next season resembling something like this.... (this assumes that Prately signs up permanently, unlikely I know) Team is based around a 3-5-2 formation with...
  12. King Bee

    Ex Premiership fans among us? read the last poster, especially last paragraph. Not sure if it is THE Paul Whitehouse but it is encouraging to read quips like this... :sorted:
  13. King Bee

    Two articles from yester year

    Spotted these two articles while researching something else, have emboldened the interesting parts, particularly the second report which highlights Brentford [being] now one of the most financially sure-footed clubs in the wrong half of the League [as a] cause for encouragement. BRENTFORD'S...
  14. King Bee

    Ray Ranson pulls out of Aston Villa bid

    Ranson has just confirmed that he is no longer interested in bidding for Aston Villa. Said he is pursuing other opportunities in the sports industry. Being a friend of Richard Thompson, and at one stage a potential collaborator on the Villa bid, I wonder if Thompson has given Ranson a nod on...
  15. King Bee

    Crystal Palace

    will sign Kevin Campbell from Everton during the close season along with A N Other goalkeeper
  16. King Bee

    Are you a true supporter?

    probably wrong forum, but fun
  17. King Bee

    Club Statement re Bill Benn - 3/10/03 (merged threads)

    Bill Benn etc... A post written by Dave Lane on the beesotted website: I’ve just had a very interesting ten minutes reading through the shark-infested posts regarding the Bill Benn article that is in the new issue of Beesotted. The GPG thread gives a great insight into how certain posters tick...
  18. King Bee

    Pinamonte just in case anyone was interested in the whereabouts of our erstwhile Italian import.
  19. King Bee

    Something that got my blood boiling

    Popped into WH Smith in Chiswick today and caught sight of a book on the pictoral history of Queens Park Rangers. It is part of the Images of Sport collection. Couldn't find anything on Brentford...
  20. King Bee

    West Brom in the first round of league cup

    we're playing WBA away in the first round of the Carling league cup
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