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    Development Squad. 10-1 vs. Bournemouth?

    There are reports on twitter that the development squad lost 10 (ten) - 1 at home to Bournemouth today. Really hope that is a mistake / wind up because unless there are serious mitigating factors, to lose by that margin at any level is disgraceful. Anyone know if it's true and what the story /...
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    Home Form

    Following Saturday's debacle, and moreover what feels like Brentford FC, at home being uninspiring, boring, ineffectual, call it what you will, for what seems like forever. I thought I'd go all Daniel Finkelstein this morning and have a look at what our home (league) record has been like since...
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    Full Time Web Developer Required

    I'm currently looking for a web developer. It's a long shot - but I thought I'd try here first before advertising through the usual channels, because of course it would be an advantage if the applicant was a brentford supporter :) An exciting opportunity currently exists for a self motivated...
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    2 x Hard-Fi Tickets

    Long shot, but ... Due to unforseen circumstances I can't go to this tommorrow. Any takers to pick these up from central Guildford? Less than face value @ £50 the pair.
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    First round of the cups?

    Hello stattos, Can anybody tell me when the last time we got knocked out in the first round of all cups entered for that particular season. Hopefully this won't be matched tonight!
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    Crapness Barometer

    As we now seem to be regularly plunging new depths, how about we devote a thread as to how low we have fallen. Each time we hit a new low, we can post about it on this thread. Not neccesarily related to league position alone, other factors should also be considered. As far as I can tell last...
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    Pessimistic Bees. I (don't really) wonder why.

    BBC Radio 5live are reporting on a survey of 6,000 fans from 92 English and Welsh league clubs which reports Manchester City's fans are the most delusional. They must love today. Southampton supporters are supposedly the most pessimistic. Bournemouth, Mansfield and Brentford fans also look on...
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    Idle speculation on players wages

    Looking at another thread and seeing us speculate as to how much of the c. £1,000,000 playing budget is left to bring in a couple of new players I thought it might be fun to speculate on how our playing budget is made up (I have too much time on my hands this morning!). This is (probably quite...
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    2 down 2 to go

    Brickie Chap :wave: (another nice one from 2 yards out too lol)
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    Todays Bet

    After today's performance, result, Bees United 'takeover' and general fantastic day - I didn't think my day could get much better ... until I saw what the results today had been elsewhere ... suffice to say I normally take great pleasure in F*lham losing - but this Monday I'll be praying extra...
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    Boa Morte to Newcastle ...

    ... for £4m (courtesy of the Times). If someone would just pick up Bouba Diop & possibly Malbranque (although how useful he'd be in a struggling side, I don't know), then the Premiership can finally wave goodbye to Fulham, I'm sure. They can then plummet back to their rightful place in League 2 :)
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    QPR sign another mouthy **** ...

    ... he should fit in nicely with Bircham, Rowlands et al. Is Holloway trying to put together a midfield entirely made up of lairy midgets? Mouthy ****
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    Did you lose your season ticket on Saturday?

    If so, PM me with the name on the ticket and your address and I'll stick it in the post for you. Found it on the floor in Green Dragon Lane flats car park. If no-one claims it, I'll send back to club in the week.
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    3 league wins in a row!

    Intrestingly, If we beat Chesterfield on Saturday, it will have taken Martin Allen a fortnight to achieve something that Wally Downes wasn't able to do in his entire 20 months in charge - 3 league wins in a row. :worm:
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    Like Waking Up On Christmas Day As A Child

    For the first time in 18 months, I woke up today genuinely excited about the prospects of watching a Brentford game. As the title suggests it felt like waking up as an 8 year old on Christmas morning, getting my presents out and lining them up on the floor. Only this time I woke up with possible...
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    Dear John

    Dear John, By the time you read these lines, I might be gone …. I see myself as a “typical” Brentford supporter. I’ve been coming for 25 years, and have been a season ticket holder for most of those. I go to all home games and a decent chunk of away games and friendlies too. A Bees United...
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    Should Wally be sacked / resign

    Is there a silent majority out there who are happy with Downes as manager? Should Wally be sacked - a simple YES or NO vote. Please, everybody vote to give us a decent indication of what supporter feeling is, that maybe John Mac etc can look at as our representative on the board, and take action...
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    What time is the press conference today?

    Does anybody know what time the press conference is to be held at the club?
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    Form table over the last 10 games

    Form Table - Click Here 10 games - just under a 1/4 of the season. Amazing! :)
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    Sorry Wally

    Anyone care to join me in eating some of my lovely humble pie? :cool: After the appaling start we had, I am amazed, but you can't argue with the results over our last 8 games, and the scintilating performances in the last game and a half. The opinion that I had of Wally (which was that he...
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