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    Not nervous are you....

    Got a feeling we might surprise a few people this evening. Can see us getting a point against the Bin Dippers...
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    TICKET NEWS Burnley (a) All STHers On Sale Mon 14:00

    Another game for the hardcore support. Expect to see many people that have been going home & away, rain or shine for many years. Can't see many newbees at this, although good opportunity to boost your TAP's.
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    Our Stewards Shut Down All Protest by Oldham Fans

    Fortunately for me!!! I'm quaking in my boots. Where did I say Benham was unwelcomed or unappreciated? No one is perfect and whether you agree or not, Cliff Crown is an embarrassment to the club. He might be good with a financial spreadsheet, but as the somewhat public face of the club, he's a...
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    Our Stewards Shut Down All Protest by Oldham Fans

    Makes you wonder why Benham puts up with this imbecile of a chairman? He brings nothing to the party and is just an embarrassment to the club.
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    Wolves vs Brentford Top, Top Champagne Moment

    An 'I was there' moment. First away win in the premiership. Too many champagne moments to count, but Ivan's all round performance was one of the best I've ever seen in a Brentford shirt in 50 years.
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    Retiring an outdated chant

    There's people posting on here that are either relatively new to football or just needy and easily upset. Either way go and watch crown green bowling or shut up moaning. I honestly thought this thread was just where all the trolls get together for a laugh.
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    How to Reward "Loyalty"/Improve on TAPs

    Leave it as it is, just a bit more transparency on how many people in each criteria/group. Didn't sell out Villa, won't sell out Wolves, so no issues for people to get tickets
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    Split the away seating in two

    Never heard my older relatives or friends complaining when having to stand in the pissing rain on packed terraces, with sh*te views of the pitch. Or us kids not always having the greatest view. Away games were a rite of passage and there was also a shelf life of how long you could do them...
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    Wolves (A) Sat 18th Sept 12:30

    Some so called big hitters bottling this game. I've also got my spreadsheet with all the names of people who moaned about the Tap's system and never being able to accrue points or get to any away games. Let's see how many bother with this game, when they can absolutely get a ticket. Easy...
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    Split the away seating in two

    None of this old bol*ocks in the 80's. Young kids and women didn't do away matches. Life was good.
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    Food and drink options at BCS

    All I want to know is if the food intelligentsia that are having a moan, are all going to Villa. If not, they can do one and I hope their warm lager and lack of samosas gives them the trots. :thumbs::D:D:D:D
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    NEWS Villa (A) On Sale at Box Office Only

    Fair enough, but I don't want to hear people on here bleating and moaning about not getting tickets for the so called bigger games, when they can't be arsed with this one. And there will be loads of them.
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    NEWS Villa (A) On Sale at Box Office Only

    Absolutely. Can't sell 3K tickets to our first PL away game out of London. Against Villa as well with all that entails. Even Fulham would have sold that allocation. And to think, all those people bitching and moaning about not getting access to away matches. I hope they never get a ticket if...
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    NEWS Villa (A) On Sale at Box Office Only

    Won't sell out though. Shocking support given it's our first away game out of London and against Villa of all teams.
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    The New Royal Oak

    The West stand is like the nursery where the future generations are nurtured and trained. When they grow up they move to the Dug Out.... Plenty of Old School Oak boys in the Dug Out. It's where the Top Table hangs out. :sorted::sorted::giggle::giggle:
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    Dug out bar entry after game

    That's over an hour after the game finished. If you want to wait until 11am to get in, when it's less busy, then I'm OK with that. Fill ya boots. The weekend was made even better by Mayo's win.... :fishing:
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    Dug out bar entry after game

    It was busy enough. Shouldn't be more than one person in the queue for beer. Any more and that's busy enough.
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    Dug out bar entry after game

    But I don't want the bar rammed like it used to be at GP. There should always be plenty of room for Dug Out members to move about and have a relaxed drink without hordes of other people spoiling the atmosphere. :sorted::sorted::wave::wave:
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    Dug out bar entry after game

    Why are people from other stands being allowed to gain entry into the Dug Out bar. Surely that's what we've paid a premium for, for Dug Out our seats. To keep the Oiks from the North and West stands out?
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    Email from CEO Jon Varney to supporters

    Just think, it could be Devlin and Kurt running the show. :D:D
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