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  1. alexcavell

    Gunnersbury Station - Closed for 1 hour After Matches Finish

    Apparently Gunnersbury station will be exit-only straight after the match, and it sounds like this might be a regular thing. So much for encouraging public transport!
  2. alexcavell

    Team vs Burnley (A)

    I'd go for: ----------------Button Colin-----Dean---O'Connell---Bidwell -------------Diagouraga --------McCormack---Judge Gray----------------------------Gogia --------------Hofmann Subs: Bonham, Tarkowski, Barbet, Kerschbaumer, Saunders, Vibe, Yennaris/Williams O'Connell should keep his...
  3. alexcavell

    Bury Champagne Moment

    Either Dean's incredible mazy run from the back, or the synchronised goal celebration :sorted:
  4. alexcavell

    Team vs MK Dons (JPT)

    With the below selection rules to consider (6 players in bold), I'd go for: ----------------------Lee Thompson--Osborne--Eger--Woodman McGinn----O'Connor--Bean--Forrester ------------Donaldson--Grella Subs: Moore, Wood, Douglas, Weston, Spillane (if he's still around, if not Alexander)...
  5. alexcavell

    Team vs Hereford

    I'd go for: ------------------Moore Spillane--Osborne--Balkestein--Woodman Saunders---Bean----O'Connor-----Wood ---------MacDonald--Donaldson Subs: Lee, Logan, Eger, Douglas, Weston, Alexander, Forrester (Hacker if not fit)
  6. alexcavell

    Wycombe Quartet (Strevens, Foster, Bennett, Bull)

    Apart from Bull who's been getting very good reviews, it looks like it's not working out for them as well as they hoped - all the other 3 were only on the bench on Saturday. Shows AS was right, and makes articles like this interesting reading!
  7. alexcavell

    Team vs Aldershot (Replay)

    If McCracken is fit, I'd go for: ----------------Lee Spillane---Legge--McCracken--Woodman Saunders--Bean----O'Connor-----Wood ---------Simpson--MacDonald Subs: Royce, Wright, Hunt, Diagouraga, Weston, Forster, Alexander If McCracken is still injured, I'd play Wright at centre-back and...
  8. alexcavell

    Team vs Swindon (JPT)

    I'd go for: -------------------Lee Spillane--McCracken--Balkestein--Woodman Saunders----Bean-----O'Connor-----Wood -----------Simpson----Forster Subs: Hamer, Osborne, Diagouraga, Weston, MacDonald I think MacDonald, Osborne and Weston (especially) could do with a rest, and I'd rather...
  9. alexcavell

    Team vs Oldham

    I'd go for: -----------------Lee Spillane--Osborne--Balkestein--Woodman Wood--Diagouraga--O'Connor---Weston ---------Grabban--Alexander Subs: Hamer, Legge, Adams, Saunders, Bean, Hunt, MacDonald/Hudson I think Lee more than deserves a league start at last, and Forster needs his...
  10. alexcavell

    Team vs Brighton

    Assuming Simpson is still out, I'd go for: ------------------Lee Spillane---Osborne--Balkestein--Woodman Adams--Diagouraga--O'Connor-----Wood --------MacDonald---Weston Subs: Hamer, Legge, McCracken, Bean, Saunders, Alexander, Cort I've gone for Weston upfront, as I reckon Brighton will...
  11. alexcavell

    Team vs Everton

    I'd go for a 4-4-2. It's tempting to play 4-5-1, but we might as well go for it with no points at stake. -----------------Lee O'Connor--Osborne--Balkestein--Woodman Simpson--Diagouraga---Bean-----Weston --------MacDonald--Alexander Subs: Moore, Spillane, Legge, McCracken, Wood, Adams...
  12. alexcavell

    Team vs Hull

    I'd go for: ----------------Lee Spillane---Legge---Osborne--Woodman Simpson---Bean---Diagouraga--Weston -------MacDonald--Alexander Subs: Moore, Balkestein, O'Connor, Hunt, Adams, Saunders, Forster
  13. alexcavell

    Team vs Walsall

    I'd go for: ---------------Moore Spillane---Legge---Balkestein--Woodman Simpson---Bean---Diagouraga-----Wood -------MacDonald--Alexander Subs: Lee, Osborne, McCracken, O'Connor, Hunt, Saunders, Forster
  14. alexcavell

    Team vs Colchester

    I'd go for: ---------------Szczesny Osborne--Legge/Loanee/Bennett--Foster ------------------Hunt --------Diagouraga----O'Connor Strevens-----------------------Weston --------------MacDonald Subs: Price, Bennett/Franks, Bean, Wood, Saunders, Ainsworth, Cort My first-choice centre-back...
  15. alexcavell

    Team vs Norwich

    I think we need to start with a 4-5-1 for this one. -----------Szczesny/Price Foster----Legge---Smith----Dickson ---------------Hunt -------Diagouraga---O'Connor Strevens--------------------Weston ------------MacDonald Subs: Price/Moore, Phillips, Bean, Bostock, Wood, Saunders, Cort
  16. alexcavell

    Team vs Southend

    Assuming no-one returns from injury, I'd go for: Bull - one of only a few players to come out of today with any credit, deserves to keep his place in the team. Foster - let's have a right back playing at right back for a change! Phillips (c) - has been consistently good all season. Osborne -...
  17. alexcavell

    Team for the Promotion Party

    Which eleven players will we put out against Luton? I would go for: Hamer (if fit, Simon Brown if not) Halls Osborne (a match like this in his proper position will do wonders for him) Bennett Wood (epitomises the team spirit, no place at left midfield) Smith (if fit, Dobson if not, who...
  18. alexcavell

    Southampton Docked 10 Points Southampton's adminstration and relegation to League One is confirmed. We'd better start selling tickets now to avoid another fiasco!
  19. alexcavell

    Will there be a Promotion Forum?

    After popularity of the GPG's Relegation Forum two years ago, should a Promotion Forum be created, if/when we go up?
  20. alexcavell

    Team vs Dag & Red

    If Wood is fit, I would go for: -------------Hamer Halls----Phillips---Bennett---Dickson Newton---Hunt----Bean-----Wood -------S Williams--MacDonald Subs: Simon Brown, Osborne, Poole, M Williams, Spencer If Wood is injured, I would play Poole and put Smith on the bench.
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