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  1. To Bee Someone

    Player of the Season

    Mods feel free to nip this thread in the bud. But seriously this season a tough one to call. The BMW are obvious candidates Norgaard for being a midfield beast Pinnock or Jansen. The perfect pairing both boasting fantastic seasons in their own ways Rico. Injury free but showing us what a...
  2. To Bee Someone

    RIP Luke Burge

    Just found that out my good pal and devoted Brentford fan Luke has sadly passed away. He has been in a hospice the last few weeks. He was diagnosed with a brain tumour a few years ago and unfortunately it had come back. He turned 40 at the end of May just gone. Not sure if any on here knew...
  3. To Bee Someone

    Arthur Read (Released) Arthur Read from Luton. An interesting one this
  4. To Bee Someone


    Ashley Cole. Old but financially solvent Richard Keogh. Wonder if even Blackpool beach would have him
  5. To Bee Someone

    Stephen Darby

    Stephen Darby: Motor neurone disease diagnosis forces Bolton full-back to retire - Just seen this on BBC sport. Really sad thing to see. A horrible condition which my late granddad sadly succumbed to many years ago and can only wish him and his...
  6. To Bee Someone

    Game 53: Brazil v Mexico

    Come on Mexico. Brazil have never lost a World Cup game v opponents from central or north America. Let's hope the giant killers change that
  7. To Bee Someone

    Game 17: Russia vs Egypt

    Excellent that they put the tallest mascot with Egypt's smallest player
  8. To Bee Someone

    Bans for Simulation

    Now I'm sure we are all for bans/yellow cards for simulation but I wonder what is documented below is taking liberty somewhat. I don't know. Seems rather harsh
  9. To Bee Someone

    James Ferry - Signed for Stevenage Borough

    Apologies if this is a duplicate thread. On loan at Welling. And played a full 90 minutes today!
  10. To Bee Someone

    Match 14: USA v Ghana

    Its already topped the previous game
  11. To Bee Someone

    Match 11: Argentina v Bosnia Herzegovina

    Given there has been a surprising result every day so far, I think this tie may be today's one. Bosnia look a very decent outfit and little has been said IMO despite the fact they had a very good qualifying campaign. They'll give Argentina a game I feel
  12. To Bee Someone

    How many games did you do?

    I've just worked out that I will have done 36 of our games this season. A decent effort by my standards as I can never manage to do as many aways as I would like. I'm now wondering how many people have the full set to this wonderful season. Im sure there is quite a lot who have...
  13. To Bee Someone

    Luke Norris - Dev.Squad to June 2014 - Offered New Contract

    Back out on loan to Dagenham and Redbridge. He'll do well there I reckon
  14. To Bee Someone

    Aaron Pierre

    Doesn't have his own thread it seems but BBC reporting that he has signed on loan for Cambridge United
  15. To Bee Someone

    Cheesy chips at Stevenage I'll make sure I'll get myself a burger
  16. To Bee Someone

    Penalty Taker

    Apologies if this has been covered or there is already a thread. Also, I hate to bring it up as penalties are a bit of a sore subject Anyway, who will be our main penalty taker? Kev (if he plays I imagine he will be one of the first in line) Grigg(took them for Walsall last season) McCormack...
  17. To Bee Someone

    Season Ticket Prices

    What are they? I'm ready to go again
  18. To Bee Someone

    Brentford in WSC

    THAT game against Donny is 'Match of the Month' for the June edition. Decent piece if a bit "oh isn't lower league football quaint"
  19. To Bee Someone

    Who do the Neutrals want to see go up?

    With everything pretty much sewn up in League 1, surely all eyes will cast a glance to our game on Saturday. Just wondering to myself who most other teams would like to see get the second automatic spot. I think most teams would like to see us do it but will be sad that a very good awayday...
  20. To Bee Someone

    Crawley Away 26th February

    :wave: Got my ticket today, 17 quid, terraces, three points :sorted:
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