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    How to celebrate a wonder goal

    King Kennedy doing what he does best. Not sure you'd get away with that at GP.... rofl rofl
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    Another cracking weekend in Stockholm for the Hammarby - AIK game. The match itself wasn't great. Bit like watching Brentford vs Derby. One team (AIK) parked the bus and spent most of the game diving and cheating with Hammarby unable to break them down. And then they get given a very soft...
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    Raising money for Bees66's Funeral - Please Help
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    Drums at football matches

    This is what happens when your drummer doesn't turn up.......... lol lol
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    Borussia Dortmund

    This is how a proper club is run. For the supporters, not the corporate elite... Another point of reference why safe standing should also be incorporated into Lionel Rd
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    Heysel Stadium Disaster

    29 years ago yesterday 39 people went to a game in Belgium and never came back. Thought I'd mentioned it as I couldn't see any reference to it in the media yesterday..... Unsurprisingly....
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    Bradford City Disaster - 11.5.1985 - RIP

    Yesterday 29 years ago, 56 people never came home from Bradford’s game against Lincoln City. Shame it doesn't get the same coverage as other tragedies... It's no less important..
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    Blackpool - Tuesday 19th August - Away

    Hopefully this will be one of the first away games of the season and the sun will still be shining. If it is, this could be one of the classic away trips as I assume most like me will make a weekend of it.......................
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    Army vs Navy

    In case some people are unaware, there's the annual Army vs Navy egg chasing game at Twickers today. It's a sell out and going to be rammed from early morning around the area. So if your driving via this area to GP today you might want to make a detour. Same goes if you want a drink in...
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    One way of getting rid of a new manager........

    Shouldn't laugh, but......................... We probably should of done this ourselves to a few managers over the years... rofl
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    Ricky Burns

    Poor old Raymundo Beltran must be gutted. Won the fight at a canter last night and two of those judges should be ashamed of themselves. Even the Scottish crowd were squirming with embarrassment when the scores were announced.
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    Jill, you made my morning.............

    I was driving my daughter to school this morning listening to Magic FM on the radio. Someone called Jill from Loughton calls in a request 'Hey Jude' by the Beatles. Great says Neil Fox and why do you want this song played. I just knew then what was coming next.... It's for Brentford FC and...
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    SWT engineering works for this Sunday

    Anyone thinking of using SWT's this Sunday to get to Chelsea from the south west, think again.
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    Danny Fullbrook RIP

    Another untimely death.
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    Coppell has now left his position as DoF at Crawley.
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    'Arry Redknapp

    Funny how this never gets mentioned in the press too often, given that his name is always being put forward as the next England manager.
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    Best right hook I've seen in a long time.....
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    Titus Bramble

    Titus Brambles been arrested for possesion of drugs. You can bet your life that they wern't perfomance enhancing. lol
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    So who's taking a stroll down the A303 tomorrow evening to see the fightback??

    I'm thinking of finishing up a couple of hours early and heading down the A303 to Exeter. Schools holidays and hopefully OK weather I'd be expecting at least 400 to make the trip.
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    Free Ground for Leyton Orient

    Looks like Orient are getting the new Olympic stadium in Stratford after the games are over. They however have a shrewd Chairman, unlike us.
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