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  1. cromerbee

    Score Centre 2020 / 2021

    Apologies if there's another current thread and no doubt this will be deleted but is anyone watching the Watford game and what do the teams look like. Part of my austerity cutback was to get rid of Sky!
  2. cromerbee

    Car Parking on Saturday

    For the last year or so I have always come to GP with a mate and parked on his friends drive near Kew Bridge. On Sat, my mate is not coming plus his friend has moved. I always used to park in the flats up Green Dragon Lane. Is this still an ok place? I know they threatened clamping a few...
  3. cromerbee

    Daily Mail biggest 50 clubs

    According to a Daily Mail investigation, Bury are a bigger club than the Bees, with Brentford in the top 59 , just missing out. Don't disagree with a lot of teams but Bury!! Discuss.
  4. cromerbee

    Ipswich match reports & reactions

    Anything happening?
  5. cromerbee

    Will we keep our stars?

    After such a great run, I'm really worried we will lose some of our stars during the window especially to Rosler. Views?
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