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    Wolves (A) Time Wasting, Was it Our Fault?

    The added time in the second half always seems a bit arbitrary. Never less than 3 mins and never more than 6 mins and then varies somewhere between the two numbers. There should be a stop clock like rugby. I would also consider a visible countdown timer like in basketball to stop goalies time...
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    Child season ticket upgrade

    I don’t think that is correct, you only pay the difference between the cost of an adult ticket and the child season ticket pro-rated for one game. I have done it for the Liverpool game and paid around £33.
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    I am sure when Gary Lineker did his intro for our game he referred to us as “Watford’s Thomas Frank”. Maybe my hearing is on the way out.....
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    FFS…. I will have to leave the pub early tonight 😡
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    Joel Valencia

    Ended up with a place in a PL squad. He must be happy with that…..
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    TICKET NEWS Brighton (H) Ticket Exchange Open

    I wonder how many TE tickets have actually been sold? Yesterday I was trying to work out how to access the site for someone, it was as difficult as finding the Ark of the Covenant in the warehouse in Raiders of the Lost Ark. There is no apparent direct link and the main sales site shows as Sold...
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    Frank Onyeka

    From the Five Star performances we have seen from Frank, I would think he is more of a system addict…..
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    Entry Issues at Forest Green Rovers Match

    The opening of any new infrastructure project used by the public will have teething problems, look at most new airport terminals for example. The key thing is to learn from mistakes and fix them quickly. If we are still seeing these issues as we move into the winter months it will be worrying...
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    When your kids ask who is still watching MOTD when they show the Brentford highlights come on…..
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    Final Score Bees 2 (Canos, Norgaard) Arsenal 0

    I think we can definitely put to bed the notion that Brentford don’t turn up for the big games, after the last two competitive matches. The play-off final was possibly the highest pressure game we have faced and to then follow that up with the match with the greatest profile we have ever played...
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    European Super League

    Sadly I think some form of ESL is inevitable and this will be led by the big European (non-EPL) clubs as they see their domestic and International TV revenue continue to decline. With the EPL maintaining the value of its domestic and growing international TV rights revenue the gap will continue...
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    Dug out bar entry after game

    It was actually a lot better than the photos make it look. The lighting was a little softer and it felt more like a bar/club set-up. I walked in from the South Stand during the lap of honour and had no trouble getting a drink. Just need to keep on winning so the lap of honours continue….😃
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    Arsenal sour grapes winner

    It is a shame he did not go to The Express Tavern as he could have seen Flagman performing outside. It probably would have made the whole trip worthwhile for him then.
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    Lionel Road opening ceremony

    I see them as the “real fans” as they are sacrificing watching the game live to put additional cash in the clubs coffers. Whilst selflessly ignoring the risks of liver damage and obesity.... Maybe next time we open a new stadium we should think of offering the Concourse Drinkers a lap of honour...
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    QPR the mediocre club that keeps on giving–-contenders–-midtable...
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    QPR the mediocre club that keeps on giving

    The Loft For Words website does probably have the best preview of the Championship (if you are still interested in that sort of thing). It is a lot more detailed than you find in most of other media outlets and is quite funny.
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    Food and drink options at BCS

    I would have liked some sort of steak pie option, as that was always my main choice at GP, although it did take the roof of my mouth off half the time! I am also not sure a Chicken Balti is to everyone’s taste if they are choosing a meat pie. One thing I will miss from GP are the Braemar Road...
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    Final Score Brentford 2 Valencia 1 (Pinnock, Onyeka)

    Maybe they are waiting to see how ticket sales are going before announcing whether it is Hard Fi or Peter Gilham’s Hi-Fi……
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    The Athletic, Bees Journo assigned

    I think it is better to have someone who does not have a connection to the club so they can give a dispassionate view. Otherwise you risk them appearing to be just a mouthpiece for the club. It is up to him to demonstrate his journalistic skills to dig out the stories and insights into the Bees...
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    "Sit Down Meal" at New Stadium

    I think the lack of a Hooters being incorporated into the new stadium, is just another example of political correctness gone mad…..
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