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    Peter Gelson - Brentford FC - RIP

    Never underestimate the importance of Peter in the history of Brenford FC, always a class above most of the players of the time. He seemed to always have time to protect the ball and his propensity to head the ball out of defence was second to none. RIP, the word legend is over used but not in...
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    FT: Bees 1 - 2 Fulham

    Surprising mellow, time to reflect how far we have come. Would have liked the extra cash to allow Mathew some return on his amazing investment. Who would have thought we would be where we are ten years ago. Seen every playoff defeat, always next year, look at where Yeovil are!
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    Barnsley Tickets - How would you expect tickets to be sold to Members?"

    Having followed the bees since the 1960s on and off l don't have a problem about ticket allocation for the last game, all l can say is that l will be thinking of family and friends who have passed and wished l could have shared with them the joy of the last few.yearsi would invite yesterdays...
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    Birmingham (a) Sat 15th Feb confirmed at 15:00

    What's parking like in the centre and is it a reasonable walk up to the ground.? New ground for me any advice about driving up? Cheers
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    Ashley Bayes

    Surely Fred Rycroft was the flying pig.
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    Griffin Park - The End of an Era.

    Crossing the railway bridge on the way to the Brook Road end and coming out of the tunnel and seeing the ground opening up in front of be. Of course this predates the Wendy House.
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    Griffin Park - angriest memories

    Guildford FA cup away.
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    Why Monday v Leeds is a Grudge Match!!!

    Bates Ex Ealing Grammar school boy. Must have learned it all on Ealing Green and the Broadway. Glad to help
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    Why Monday v Leeds is a Grudge Match!!!

    Ealing Grammar School for Boys
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    Saïd Benrahma - Signed for West Ham

    For me and l would suspect many of the oldies l give you Alan Mansley.
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    How Do We Fill Griffin Park?

    For those of us who leave a distance away and for whom public transport is not an option parking is key. I hope that at Lionel Road it will be possible to organise weekend parking in some of the under utilised commercial car parks and making the the travel as easy as possible. Long distance...
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    Jack Bonham - Leaves Brentford

    He is and they really rate him down here in the west country.
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    Your First Bees Idol

    Alan Mansley blue a shout out for Tommy Higginson, Brighton anyone, not the greatest player but boy did he put the work in.
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    Memories of Nights Under the Lights at Griffin Park

    Brentford v Chelsea, London Challenge Cup 1967. Chelsea team including Osgood, Tambling and Houseman. Wasn't that the year that QPR won the League Cup. To quote Bob Dylan "the times they are a changing"
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    Roy Cotton

    David Coxhill, born Motherwell, and attended Ealing Mead School, moved on to Gillingham if l remember correctly and was a fine footballer back in the day. I think he became a taxi driver.
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    Player of The Season Awards Evening 2018

    I think the "brand" is a function of historical and family links, our catchment area was very geographically specific and the love of the club was passed down from generation to generation. Many have moved away and the role of the club data base is to keep fans in contact with the club and...
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    QPR (H) 15:00 ko Sat April 21st Confirmed NOT ON TV

    Ealing Mead older kids! As a member of said institution l cannot believe it, you probably disrupted their choir practice. What with flower arranging and Greek ballet lessons we were perfect gentleman, can't say more as the case is with my legal team. By the way QPR are the old enemy and l hope...
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