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  1. Old NL Bee

    OMNISHAMBLES Significant Number of Palace (A) Tickets NOT POSTED

    I am abroad currently and won’t get home to around 6pm Friday evening thus not knowing if I have my ticket on my doormat or not. My daughter, who’s ticket I ordered with mine in the first Taps allowance, has received an email saying she has to collect her ticket! It was ordered with mine - I...
  2. Old NL Bee

    Your photos of Brentford's greatest ever moment

    Final whistle, scenes!
  3. Old NL Bee

    B team Fixtures 2021-22

    If you message me your address I will send you a copy, if you would like it. Yes, funnily enough we were asked if we wanted to keep our tickets!
  4. Old NL Bee

    New Kits for 2021/22

    They were doing a roaring trade when my daughters and I were in the shop earlier. A queue down Braemar Road and a two hour wait for printing!
  5. Old NL Bee

    B team Fixtures 2021-22

    An elderly gentleman was walking around with them just before kick off in front of the main stand.
  6. Old NL Bee

    B team Fixtures 2021-22

    I think so - this was the team sheet tonight. It was a very enjoyable evening and we have some fine players in our B team!
  7. Old NL Bee

    Griffin Park Update

    My father too never made it to see the new ground. He was ill for an long while and would often say to me that he wouldn’t make it to the new place and I’d tell him not to be silly as he’d be there first game with me. He was because I chatted to him throughout the Blackburn game, he was just...
  8. Old NL Bee

    Which signing announcement were you most excited about?

    Deon Burton - couldn't believe he was signing for us at the time. And Pontus.
  9. Old NL Bee

    The Club Shop

    They sent me the ‘We are Premier League poster’, through the post to me in a plastic bag 😳 Cant get through on the phone and they don’t reply to my emails asking if they could send another in suitable packaging!
  10. Old NL Bee

    This one’s for you…

    I’d like to add my dad too. He passed away the day before that Millwall game at home last year and was a life long Bee. I like to think he had something to do with that comeback and I was giving the sky the thumbs up yesterday at Wembley . I hope he got to see it x
  11. Old NL Bee

    The fans role on Saturday

    I'm still hoarse today! Just had a meeting with some Polish colleagues. At the end of the call they were all wishing me good health! :ROFLMAO:
  12. Old NL Bee

    POSF1: Bournemouth 1 - 0 Bees

    Robert Taylor at Huddersfield moment 😩
  13. Old NL Bee

    Bmuff v Bees play off 1st leg predictions....

    I think our wingbacks/full backs are going to be very important. I’d be tempted to play 4-3-3 as prior to us switching to a flat back 4 in the league game they got behind our wingbacks a couple of times. Dominating in midfield is also going to be key for me and ball retention. So I’d be happy...
  14. Old NL Bee

    Thomas Frank

    Could have been braver with his substitutions - should have been 10 minutes earlier, at least.
  15. Old NL Bee

    Bees 0 - 0 Millwall

    You would not know who is mid table and who is fighting for promotion to the premier league!
  16. Old NL Bee

    Championship Round 34 (Tue 2/3 - Wed 3/3)

    Championship refs are woeful. He was half blowing to give a dive and a yellow and then pointed to the spot 🤯
  17. Old NL Bee

    Bees 3 - 2 Bristol City (Canos, Toney, Ghoddos)

    Spot on! He is a terrible ref
  18. Old NL Bee

    Swansea 1 - 1 Bees (Fosu)

    Unfortunately you can’t win a game in The Championship by one goal as you have to allow for a least one or two ridiculous decisions from the officials. I hate VAR, hate it but championship refs are dreadful.
  19. Old NL Bee

    Brentford 2-2 Blackburn

    I don’t post match reports often but feel obliged today seeing as I was privileged to have been able to go with my two daughters. Unfortunately my Dad didn’t make it by a year but I’m sure he was looking down. Fantastic experience - looks like it’s going to be a magnificent venue for us and...
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