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    WC Cricket Tickets

    Help needed ... I have not been to a England cricket since Eng v West Indies at the Oval in the late 70’s when Boycott & co were being battered by Roberts & Holding! :D As it’s my birthday my son wants to take me to the Eng v Bangladesh WC match in Cardiff on June 8th. We have had a look...
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    Andy Piper RIP

    I found out yesterday that Andy had passed away last week, he was 54 You may have seen the story that BFC had put out a few weeks ago where he was invited down to the training ground to meet the players? Anyone who lives in the Richmond area may know him as he worked for many years on the...
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    M3 Closed May 6-7

    Just incase any M3 / SW Bees are not aware, the M3 will be closed next weekend between J2-3 both in both directions, so plan ahead. I think the official diversion for Northbound will be A322 & M4 and the diversion Southbound will be A3
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    Le Tour - TdF - 2016

    WTF .. Where's Phil Liggett & Paul Sherwin gone? ... ITV coverage just doesn't sound the same .. Ruined it for me :(
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    R.I.P Mick McManus

    My favorite wrestler back when I was kid :( Can't believe he was 85! :eek:
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    Major League Baseball 2013

    Starts today .. Come On Texas!
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    Brian Woolnough RIP

    Has died .. one of my favorite football writers .. always enjoyed watching and listening to him on Sky Sports on Sunday mornings :( When I used to live in Shepperton, would often see him him walking his dog along the Thames, I think he lived in Weybridge
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    Tour de France 2012

    Starts on Saturday .... Can Bradley Wiggins do it?
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    Harry Barlow RIP

    Harry Barlow, who was one of Brentfords longest serving supporters, sadly passed away in the early hours of this morning after a short illness. He was 90 Harry lived in Whitton all his life and was the youngest of 12 children who were all Bees fans. He was 10 when he started following...
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    Liverpool Reserves vs Bees Highlights
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    Major League Baseball 2011

    New season starts Friday .... Come on Texas!! :cool:
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    Matthew Benham in Daily Mail online today (and now on the GPG)

    Saw this on Mail online Sorry if its in wrong forum or duplicate .. I have checked ... I like the last paragraph :eek: :D Read more: Reclusive *betting tycoon Matthew Benham has been unmasked as the secret millionaire who contributed a staggering...
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    Traffic Warning for M3 Bees & Saints Fans

    I noticed tonight when driving home that there is a planned nightime closure of the M3 southbound between Junc 2-3 for Tuesday Jan 26th Trying to find out what time it closes but can't find anything. At a guess I reckon 10pm just the time we are heading home after the match :rolleyes:
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    Brentford's Longest Serving Fan/most consecutive games

    My uncle .. Harry Barlow, is nearly 89 ... he has been a GP regular since he was 10 years old almost 80 years ! .. apart from doing his National Service in the war years, he has been to virtually every home game :sorted: Does anyone know of a family member or friend who has been going longer ?
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    Le Tour 2009

    Starts Saturday in Monaco :bound: Armstrong is 9/2 .. can he make it 8 Tour wins ? Alberto Contador is hot fave to win this year :sorted: If you have never watched this event .. do so, not just for the race but watch for the amazing scenary especially the mountain stages :cool:
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    Bar Table Football Game For Sale

    We have a Garlando G-200 Bar football table for sale. Its a Beech wood butchers block style finish and its in very good condition and comes with spare balls See pic here .. £150 ono
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    Shrewsbury's Prostar Stadium

    I dont get to many away games these days .. but I thought Shrewsburys new stadium was really nice ... everything from the amount of leg room in the seats and the steepness of the stand ... the toilets were clean and modern and plenty of them with hot water and hand dryers and the catering was...
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    Azwar Majeed - ex owner of Crawley Town

    I see the law finally caught up with this guy :sorted: Theres one or two interesting clips on You Tube relating to him ;)
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    According to the Chronicle

    Andy Scott is poised to sign an experienced player by the weekend .. he is currently at a Championship club but names or position not revealed
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    New Zealand v Bangladesh ODI

    Came across this just now ! I am not really into cricket but some of the batting and bowling figures here are incredible :eek:
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