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    “Push up Brentford” - The Movie A film to be released 2nd.October. A series of interviews with supporters.
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    Bernardo Cueva

    A real Mexican waving at Lionel Road
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    B Team Player Tests Positive for COVID-19
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    Is football a good business ?

    I was just reading the post titles on the forum and so many relate to the dire financial plight of many clubs. The sums of money mentioned in the link below liken MBs' very welcome contribution to loose change. Do you think...
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    Lionel Road Plinth

    Many stadiums have a statue...who or what would you like outside Lionel road and why ? Maybe a format like the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square. Disclaimer: This thread was in no way inspired by "Fulhamisation" or Michael Jackson:horns:
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