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    Terry Butcher

    OK so he’s a legend as an England player, but a rubbish Bees manager. A bit much that BFC gives his hall of fame induction a mention. No mention of that Dutch Bees manager’s birthday though.
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    Bees v QPR predictions

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    VAR offside

    In MOTD tonight there were three goals chalked off for where the scorer is deemed to be offside because his upper body is leaning forward beyond the last defender- ridiculous. Something has to be done about this travesty.
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    Lorna Falconer (BFC - Head of Ops) Recognised on the 2019 Black List

    As I was saying - did anyone give any though as to the meaning of a blacklist?
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    Black List

    Did anyone give any thought as to what blacklist means?
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    Goal of season

    On BFC website list of choices does not match video. IBI?
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    Freedom to express religious beliefs

    While Israel Folau's comment may have been over the top, it is a sad world in which Billy Vunipola has been castigated for supporting Folau's commitment to his religious beliefs. Vunipola makes it plain that he does not hate anyone, but apparently the authorities plan to "speak" to him...
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    Free ticket for Reading

    New Road N504 122O Senior
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    Cole DaSilva - Leaves July 2020

    Twitter section of Bees website. Cole DaSilva, left back, signed on two year contract. Chelsea protege, one of three siblings signed by Blues whilst only just starting to take solids.
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    Kick-Off Times Wrong on Brentford FC Website?

    Brentford website fixtures list shows kick off times for the next few matches as 1600 and 2045. And later, 1700 and 2145.Why so? I'm not allowed out that late.
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    Headless soccer

    The debate and investigation into the long term effects of heading the ball has resurfaced. Just wondering if outlawing heading would enhance the eleven a side game. Tactics for corners and some free kicks would have to be re thought; might we see the demise of the tall centre back? Attackwise...
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    Danish TV This Danish TV film about BFC is crying out for some fake English sub titles as per the Hitler film spoofs.
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    Heading the ball

    With an investigation into the effects of heading the ball under way, it is interesting to imagine how the eleven a side game would look if headers were banned.
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    Joe Marler in trouble

    You can't say anything these days - even if it's true. Whilst playing Wales Joe Marler, in a heated moment, called Taff, Samson Lee, "Gypsy Boy." He's from the traveller "community." Now Marler is in trouble with the authorities. maybe he should have called him: "Traveller boy." And what...
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    World Cup Qatar

    Will some countries decline to compete? I wonder if any of the FA governing bodies in each country have discussed it. I don't know if they are contractually bound to take part. What a kick in the cods for FIFA - and especially Sepp Blatter if this came about. Maybe the minnows would opt in and...
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    Wonder goal. Maybe Mark Burridge could learn a thing or two about commentating from this.
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    Brentford Programme

    Now that so much information is available online including the club website and YouTube and, of course, GPG, - what more do you get from a programme? Are the days of such a thing numbered? Just interested to know your views.
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