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  1. Gparsfan

    General Transfer Rumours (Summer 2021)

    Apologies if this is the wrong sub section, but with the end of the season looming we're being linked with a couple of players. Taylor Harwood-Ellis a 19 year old centre back from Man City and Thierry Small, a 16 year old left back from Everton.
  2. Gparsfan

    Championship Round 35

    Watford just taken the lead against Forrest, Sarr looks really up for it sadly, can't see Forrest doing us any fs ours in the performance so far!
  3. Gparsfan

    How many points will we end end? Predictions!

    So, with us reaching the nitty gritty end of the season is anyone willing to put there neck out and predict how we'll do, blow by blow? Our next run of games look allot kinder than the ones we've went on, and with the international break hopefully bringing back Pontus and Josh there's still...
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