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    Things other teams' fans say about Brentford FC

    ...and I also enjoyed the "You're French, and you know you are" from Shrewsbury in response to our allegations of Welshness
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    I tried to initiate the more germane "Scunthorpe, Torquay and Walsall" in the early 80s, but the take up was poor.
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    Palace(A) (SOLD OUT) ***Anything but Ticket Omnishambles in this Thread***'

    Which I did, and after then choosing the ticket from the drop down it took me straight to an error screen telling me to come back later. Several times. And now it looks like it is sold out. What a clusterf*ck of a ticketing system
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    Palace(A) (SOLD OUT) ***Anything but Ticket Omnishambles in this Thread***'

    Do you only get one shot to buy all the tickets you are eligible for? So if I go and buy my ticket, then later decide to get one for one of my friends and family I'm screwed? Because I now get "Unfortunately, the item you have selected is no longer available" when I try
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    Rumour Neco Williams (Liverpool RB)

    Don't think I'll be placing too much credence on a journo whose name is an anagram of "I w*nk off chavs"
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    Do you share a birthday with a player?

    And me My first car was a Ford Escort, my first school was Our Lady of Victories and my favourite teacher was Miss McCabe There are traffic lights in squares A3, D4 and C2
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    Red Zone to Remain: Update: No ST Seats Impacted

    Actually the main reason for getting dugout seats wasn't a hoi polloi avoidance scheme, it was because we get our own bar - God knows how many goals I've missed over the years queuing up for a half time beer on NR
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    Red Zone to Remain: Update: No ST Seats Impacted

    Yeah they are (i.e. were) immediately next to the away bench
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    Red Zone to Remain: Update: No ST Seats Impacted

    Oh great, so my ST seats in row 1 of the dugout area have gone then. Having paid a premium, maybe I don't want to mingle with the hoi polloi in row 50 of the corner of a stand in a seat that no bugger wanted to choose when ST seats were allocated. Interestingly when enquiring earlier in the week...
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    Footballers In Trouble

    A few years ago I issued a bankruptcy petition against a by then League 2 player who had played in the Premier League (I'm a lawyer) and he called me when he was served to make an offer to pay the debt by instalments. This is actually the worst response you can make to a bankruptcy petition...
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    Bees v Swansea play off final predictions......

    Absolutely no idea. Objectively, we should win without too much difficulty, our squad is simply better. Subjectively, I've seen every one of our Wembley/Cardiff no shows (except last year obvs) so half-expect a repeat. I don't have a problem with Swansea's assumed approach to disrupt our game...
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    Champagne moment Brentford vs. Cheating ‘Muff

    The third goal. Reminded me of Djuricin's winner against QPR when he got in front of his man at the near post and twátted it in from the cross, keeper stationary.
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    Todd Kane of QPR - 7 Match Ban

    What I don't get is that if Kane/Dickie lied by falsely adding the word "English" to what Canos said in their testimony, then why didn't they also lie by falsely removing the word "foreign" from what they said Kane said? As I understand it no one else heard the exchange so it would have been...
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    Brentford vs Forest Champagne Moments

    This. Or Barbet calmly chesting a deep Forest cross back to Bentley from 6 yards out, which if I'd tried it would have cleared the Ealing Road roof.
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    New Ticketing Website - Issues

    Nope, the paper tickets I bought over the phone on Monday have not arrived and I just get cut off after 10 seconds every time I try and call this morning.
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    Football League Restructure Plan....... Again

    All for a winter break, the two weeks after FA Cup third round day. I do a dry January each year and that definitely spoils my enjoyment of match days so may as well dispense with them. We could always extend the season by 2 weeks so no Saturdays are lost, and it means abridging the hideous...
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