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    Sergi Canós

    The thing about Spanish is that those squiggles they have actually tell you how to pronounce it.
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    TICKET NEWS Leicester (H) SOLD OUT. Exchange not open

    Prejudging Thursday's meeting?
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    TICKET NEWS Leicester (H) SOLD OUT. Exchange not open

    Does anyone else use the 'Buy best available seats option'? One would have thought (ho ho) that if the system chooses the seat, it won't become unavailable while you're buying it. Does tend to put you in the East Stand in my experience if that's an issue.
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    TICKET NEWS Liverpool (H)

    There was a section in the preview email on Saturday that I hadn't noticed before: PLEASE NOTE Home areas are for home fans only. If you have transferred your season ticket or have guests coming, you are responsible for their behaviour. They must respect ground regulations and must not make...
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    TICKET NEWS Liverpool (H)

    Presumably the touts wouldn't fork out for a printed out QR code or an emailed pdf so they're searching for the 100 or so technology deficient who actually have printed tickets?
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    Bees 3-3s

    which gives odds of 2/1 that there will be at least one 3-3 in a 50 game season.
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    Score Centre 2021/2022

    And unless Arsenal get another 7 (Seven), above both of 'em in the table
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    Final Score Bees 3 (Pinnock, Janelt, Wissa) Liverpool 3 Att: 16,876

    The acoustics in the stadium must be really quirky - I was in N121 and can assure you that the Scousers were singing all game. Don't let the West Stand stop telling them and future opponents otherwise though!
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    Not nervous are you....

    Worried for my FPL team if Salah scores I really don't want to hear " Salah, captain? Yeah, no brainer" in the morning
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    Team vs Liverpool

    ... or post 34 of the Liverpool preview thread
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    Membership and TAPS

    1200 is at the top end of the 2nd member tranche of Cat A games which I've found is still a non-stressful buying experience. It's a bit weird that at this level of TAPs you can virtually guarantee a ticket for say Man Utd, but be in a scramble for Burnley at home, though it's still to be seen...
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    Travel Newcastle (A) 20 November

    The RAF don't do this?
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    Our Stewards Shut Down All Protest by Oldham Fans

    Stewards going to have a tough old time when Newcastle visit if they keep the same policy
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    Wiki Ticketing System Issues

    Read on the Wolves forum that people could log in to the system hours before the deadline, book a seat and wait for the site to be officially open and purchase at their ease. Maybe to avoid something like that?
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    Travel Newcastle (A) 20 November

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    Membership pack

    Ah, coincidentally International Membership costs £10 which I thought you must be referring to
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    Membership pack

    Neither of those are on the list of benefits for International Membership. so if you do get them, send them back.
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    Weird Things that have happened this week in football?

    Weird in any other year: Bees tipped in the Racing Post as an each way shout (I.e. to reach the final) for the League Cup. 66/1 at Bet365, value fans This post could age badly very quickly...
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    Shandon Baptiste

    Because it wasn't deemed reckless or "unsportsmanlike" - which makes sense if that sportsman happens to be a prop forward.
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