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  1. dougieb

    B Team if we are promoted

    Will the B Team structure need to be abandoned if we are promoted?
  2. dougieb

    Reading Pitch

    It looks terrible. Worst I've seen at this level. London Irish have been playing there. Getting a bit worried. Is it just me?
  3. dougieb

    Set Pieces

    With the new season upon us what do we think of set pieces? I reckon Marcondes will play a key role with regards to direct kicks given his obvious talent. Would like to see a bit of guile on indirect kicks. Do we have a coach for this, seem to remember we did bring someone in to improve on this...
  4. dougieb

    Dream job for someone on here

    Saw this today, there must be someone on the GPG that would be ideal for this job!!!
  5. dougieb

    Time difference when you're abroad

    It's a pain in the... how do others deal with it? I used to be 2 hours with the recent change it's 3 hours now. Can't miss the game need to stay up. Do you do all you can do to watch live or just watch the rerun?
  6. dougieb

    Have we played every team in the football league, championship down?

    title says it all. Have we played Wimbledon in the league ?
  7. dougieb


    In Baku Azerbaijan..any Bees that venture here give me a shout.
  8. dougieb

    Falkirk and Brentford blast from the past.

    Found this on the web, I used to go to the games with the elliots boys back in 92 missed this game though
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